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'Good Public Health Practice' revised

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) has taken a leadership role working jointly with the UK Public Health Register to develop a revised Good Public Health Practice (GPHP) for all specialists and practitioners from all professional backgrounds, and that is complementary to statutory professional codes of practice and revalidation procedures.

The practice of public health is defined by FPH as "the science and art of promoting and protecting health and wellbeing, preventing ill-health and prolonging life through the organised efforts of society".

Public health practice includes organised efforts to improve health outcomes for those at risk of poorer health. It seeks to address health inequalities across society by tackling wider determinants of health and
wellbeing as well as protecting the population from hazards to health.

Thank you to Ruth Hutt who worked hard to review all professional codes and helped draft the initial reviewed GPHP.

Written: 08/04/2016 , last modified: 13/05/2016