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'Cautious welcome' for public health budget announcement

The Department of Health has today announced a £5.45 billion two-year ring-fenced public health budget for local authorities.

Dr John Middleton, Vice President of FPH, said: "We welcome this announcement, because it means that local authorities can now start making firm decisions about their public health workforce and how it will look in April. While we will be analysing what this funding decision will mean in more detail, at first glance we give it a cautious welcome.

"As public health begins to complete its transition to local authorities, spending of this budget needs to pass a common sense, 'Ronseal' test: in other words, the money should go where it is genuinely needed to protect and improve health, not fill in the funding gaps of existing local authority services."

Written: 10/01/2013 , last modified: 02/05/2013