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The Michael O'Brien prize


The prize is awarded for outstanding performance in the Part A (formerly known as the Diploma and Part I) Membership Examination of the Faculty of Public Health of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom. It was first awarded in 1997.


The endowment for the lecture donated by Dr Michael O'Brien shall be held in a fund to be known as the Michael O'Brien Prize Fund from which income may be used from time to time to provide for the following:

  • A cash prize, the value of which shall be reviewed by the Executive Committee every three years on the advice of the Faculty Treasurer.
  • An appropriate commemorative medal to be presented to each winner.


All candidates who have passed the Part A Membership Examination and are sitting the examination for the first attempt will be eligible for consideration. Consideration is automatic (candidates do not need to apply).

To be eligible for nomination candidates will:

  • have sat the examination sitting as their first attempt;
  • have passed the examination;
  • have achieved a minimum total score of 60%.


Nomination shall be at the discretion of the examiners. If no candidate is deemed eligible the prize will not be awarded for that sitting. If more than one candidate has equal total scores, the examiners shall take into account such factors as demonstration of all round ability in determining their nomination although it is open to them to nominate more than one candidate to the Education Committee.

  • The prize will not normally be shared by more than one winner.
  • The decision of the Education Committee will be final.

Presentation of Award

The prize will be held biannually (once after each examination sitting) and awards will be made at the Faculty's Annual General Meeting. The winners will be invited to attend the Annual Dinner as the President's guest.