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Action needed on antibiotics

Commenting on the Chief Medical Officer's recent comments about antibiotics, Dr John Middleton, FPH's Vice President for Policy, said: "We fully support the Chief Medical Officer's comments about the risks from antimicrobial resistance and the urgent need to develop new antibiotics.
"Antimicrobial resistance poses a serious threat to public health. When antibiotics don’t work, it means that patients may have illnesses that last longer or are more complicated to treat. Stronger or more expensive drugs may be needed and there may be more deaths from bacterial infections.
"Part of the answer lies in using antibiotics more wisely and sparingly. This requires patients and health professionals to be better educated about the appropriate use of antibiotics. It also requires measures to stop over-the -counter sales of antibiotics in some countries and to reduce antibiotic use in farming.

"At the same time, we need dentists and vets to stop wasting antibiotics as well as measures to promote the development of new antibiotics and to find effective alternatives. This is a global health issue and we need urgent action now so that antibiotics remain a viable method of treating infections in the future."

Written: 12/03/2013 , last modified: 03/05/2013