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Alcohol misuse report shows need for health warnings

The charity 4Children has released a report this week that suggests there is a ‘silent epidemic’ of alcohol misuse in families. Commenting on these findings, Professor Lindsey Davies, President of the Faculty of Public Health, said:

“This report demonstrates how alcohol is harmful for everyone in society, not just binge drinking teenagers. Too many people underestimate how much they drink and are unaware of recommended levels. We know what alcohol does in terms of violence, accidents, liver damage and lost productivity due to hangovers, but regularly drinking above recommended levels can also increase the risks of cancer and heart disease.

"That's why we have called for health warnings on alcohol so that people can make an informed choice about the quantities they drink. While we are each responsible for our alcohol intake, we need government action if we are to change our relationship with alcohol."

Written: 10/10/2012 , last modified: 08/01/2013