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Anne Thomas Prize


Dr Ann Thomas joined the Faculty in 1982 and continued to work as a Consultant in Public Health in Wales. She had keen interest in supporting new trainees who entered the specialty. On her death in October 2004 she kindly left a sum of money to be invested to provide a prize linked to a Faculty examination for trainees who have a Welsh connection.


The endowment for the award will be held in a fund to be known as an ‘Ann Thomas Prize Fund' from which income will be used to provide the following: * a cash prize, the value of which will be determined by the Treasurer; * a certificate. The maximum value of the award is to be decided on and dependent upon the income generated from the investment.


The prize will be awarded on to the Welsh candidate who attains the highest mark in the Faculty's Part B/OSPHE MFPH Examination. In the period from 1 March to 28 February each year, provided at least one candidate scores an overall mark consistent with B grades on average, or above following ratification from the Welsh Affairs Committee of Public Health.


Eligibility for the competition will be restricted to those recognised as SpR/SpT/StR of the Faculty of Public Health who are in a recognised UK public health training post and are: * either working as a trainee in Wales; * or working as a trainee outside Wales but within the UK and are Welsh at the date of passing the Part B/OSPHE Examination.


To be decided on and dependent upon the income generated from the investment. Frequency of award Annually beginning in 2007, funds permitting.

Closing date

The closing date will be 28 February of each year.


If more than one candidate is eligible for the award adjudication is to be undertaken by the OSPHE Executive Committee on the ratification of the Welsh Affairs Committee.

Criteria for award

If no candidate has scored the required level in any one year then no prize will be awarded and the funds carried over in the trust for future years. The award may be withheld at the discretion of the Faculty of Public Health.


The prize will consist of a certificate and a cash sum and shall be awarded on the occasion of the Faculty's Annual General Meeting.

For further enquiries

Please contact the Part B/OSPHE Examinations Administrator on 020 7224 0642 or by email on