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Applications in England, Scotland and Wales

The recruitment round for 2015 begins in November 2014. The eligibility criteria, application process, assessment and selection will be broadly similar to the 2014 round. However, potential applicants should be aware of some changes to eligibility which require evidence of appropriate competence within the three years preceding August 2015. Full details are available on the recruitment pages. You are advised to keep in touch with these pages in order to ensure that you have the correct information because it may change slightly as further national all-specialty information is released up until the date of applications opening. Posts will be advertised from 6 November 2014. Deadlines concerning the application window, assessment centres and selection centres will be posted here in due course. If you have specific queries about the programmes, please contact the Training Programme Director (TPD) in your area or in the area in which you wish to train. Contact details for TPDs.

For general information about public health recruitment and career prospects, current registrars have recently published a useful guide - available on Kindle.

For general enquiries about the recruitment and selection process please contact


Advertisements for training will be published in the British Medical Journal and on NHS jobs.

The opening date for applications for programmes in England, Scotland and Wales is 10:00 on 11 November 2014. Applicants will be required to submit one application only with the opportunity to preference their choice of programmes at a later date via the Oriel system.

Medical applicants applying for more than one specialty may register in advance (see Oriel guide in resource bank). Registration will allow a medical applicant’s details to be logged by the application systems in the event of an application for more than one specialty. Applicants from a background other than medicine who do enter information at registration stage may experience difficulties because registration includes a number of questions aimed at medical applicants. Applicants for Specialty Training in Public Health who come from a background other than medicine would therefore be advised not to complete the applicant registration process. After initially registering on Oriel to generate an account and then signing in with your username and password, please find the vacancy which is listed as Public Health Medicine and then proceed to the “apply here” button.

Applications will be submitted online; no paper applications or supporting documents will be accepted. Applicants are advised to read through the application form to understand what further documents may be required for upload in order that they leave sufficient time to source these. Various documents that may be uploaded are available from these webpages.

Old versions of any supporting documents will not be accepted

The link to access the online portal is

The closing date for applications is 16:00 on 4 December 2014.

All posts in England, Scotland and Wales will be recruited in accordance with the 2015 National ST1 person specification. Applicants are advised to read the FAQs and applicant specialty specific guidance available on these web pages. In particular, the criteria around eligibility are very specific and careful attention should be paid to these in advance of an application for public health specialty training.

Demonstration of Foundation Competence for applicants through the medical route

All applicants wishing to train through the medical route will need to evidence attainment of Foundation competencies within the three years preceding the advertised start date for these posts. Applicants are advised to read all guidance carefully to ensure that they can provide appropriate evidence. Applicants currently in the second year of a UK affiliated Foundation programme or who have previously completed a UK affiliated Foundation Programme with a FACD 5.2 signed and dated no earlier than 1 January 2012 will be automatically eligible (in terms of the Foundation competence requirement). Other applicants will need to evidence competence by providing an Alternative Certificate which certifies competence completed in no more than the three years preceding August 2015. This evidence will need to be complete and certified by the date of submission of your application. Applicants will need to upload supporting documents.

Equivalent competence must be certified by a supervising registered consultant with whom the applicant has worked for a minimum of three months since August 2012. Equivalent competence must be certified against all the competencies in the Foundation curriculum. An applicant without all foundation competencies certified will not be eligible to proceed.

Applicants may submit more than one Alternative Certificate from different posts in order to show evidence of achievement of all competencies, but the certificates must relate to posts undertaken for at least three months, whole time equivalent (wte), each since August 2012. Over the sum of the forms that you submit you must ensure that all competences are covered.

Please ensure your Alternative Certificate(s) is/are uploaded with your application. Original certificates will be required for verification at selection centre.

Further general information is available in the applicant guide to specialty recruitment 2015.

Demonstration of Agenda for Change Band 6 (or equivalent) competence for applicants through the non medical route

Applicants from a background other than medicine will need to be able to demonstrate practice at Agenda for Change Band 6 (or equivalent) since August 2012. Any applicant unable to demonstrate this from a post for a minimum of three months (wte) within the three years preceding the advertised start date will be ineligible to apply to specialty training.

All posts will commence in August 2015. Please follow the links below for further information on each programme: (this table will be fully populated as information is received from programmes)




No of posts (2015)

Competition ratios
2011 - 2014 data
Ratio (posts: eligible first choice applications)
[2014 data in brackets]



Job & programme descriptions

DMS 2 Posts in the Defence Medical Services are open only to currently serving officers


East Midlands 6

4 (24:105) [4 (6:21)]

Recruitment pages and programme description

East of England

EoE north 4;
EoE south 4


5 (32:160) [4 (8:33)]

Recruitment pages and programme description


SWL and KSS 8;
SEL and KSS 8;
London North 7


SWL: 7 (20:149) [7 (5:33)]
SEL: 6 (20:119) [8 (5:40)]
NT: 24 (13:313) [19 (4:75)]


Programme description

Northern 4

7 (14:92) 11 (2:22)]

Programme description

North West

Cumbria/Lancs 4; Cheshire/Merseyside 3;
Greater Manchester 4


Cu/L: 2 (14:32) [4 (2:7)]
Ch/M: 7 (14:92) [9 (2:17)]
Gt M: 7 (14:92) [9 (2:17)]


Recruitment pages and programme description

Oxford 3

6 (13:84) [6 (4:25)

Recruitment pages and programme description



7 (9:60) [7 (6:41)]

Recruitment pages and programme description

South West


6 (15:91) [5 (6:29)]

Recruitment pages and programme description 


(all 2015 posts in north Wales)


5 (9:48) [5 (3:16)]

Recruitment pages and programme description


Hampshire, Dorset and
Isle of Wight


4 (14:56) [4 (6:21)]

Recruitment pages

West Midlands


6 (31:184) [5 (7:38)]

Recruitment pages and programme description

Yorkshire & the Humber


6 (24:140) [5 (9:42)]

Programme description

Total posts 86    

Overall Ratio


7 (284:1852) [7 (77:507)]



Proportions of applicants by applicant group eligible: offered

2012: 58 posts



Medics not in Foundation




Medics in Foundation




Other professional background




2013: 80 posts



Medics not in Foundation




Medics in Foundation




Other professional background




2014: 78 posts
Eligible Offered  
Medics not in Foundation 146 25 17%
Medics in Foundation 42 7 17%
Other professional background 320 46 14%

Recruitment timetable 2014/2015 - England, Scotland and Wales 

10:00 on Tuesday 11 November 2014

  Applications open
16:00 on Thursday 4 December 2014   Applications close
From 23 December 2014 Invitations to assessment centre
6 January 2015 - 13 January 2015 Booking opens for assessment centre
14 January 2015 Assessment centre

w/b 23 February 2015 

Selection centre
Burleigh Court, Loughborough (TBC)

First offers will be made by 12 March 2015

  • All offers will be made via Health Education East Midlands. Offers will be made in meritocratic order with highest ranked candidates receiving first preference until all available posts are filled.
  • Applications will only be accepted through the electronic portal; paper applications will not be accepted
  • Applications to England, Scotland & Wales will close at 16:00 on Thursday 4 December 2014.

The application process

Applicants successful at long listing (eligibility checking) will be invited to assessment (written tests of numerical and critical reasoning and a situational judgment, scenario-based, test).

Assessment tests will be taken online and offered through test centres at various locations throughout the UK and Europe. Candidates will be required to provide evidence of their identity before sitting tests. Candidates should be careful to check what identity evidence will be accepted at the test centre. Candidates will be given time to familiarise themselves with the test environment before timed tests begin.

Assessment tests will be held only on 14 January 2015.

Applicants will need to reach a minimum standard at the tests of numeracy and critical reasoning and the situational judgment test. Applicants passing this standard will then be ranked according to their scores at assessment. Applicants failing to meet the minimum standard at assessment centre will be notified at this stage that their application will not proceed further.

Applicants at the top end of the ranking for written tests will be invited to a half-day selection centre (face-to-face assessment).

Applicants should be aware that a charge may be incurred by the test centre if they fail to attend a booked assessment.

Selection centre will be held during the period 23–25 February 2014 in Loughborough.

Individuals wishing to apply should ensure they are available for these dates as alternatives will not be provided.

Selection-centre test elements include face-to-face interviews in steeplechase format with each candidate interviewed in six short panels. Candidates will also sit a written test of qualitative and quantitative analytic skills and a group exercise. Full details of the venue and requirements of candidates will be sent to those applicants invited to attend the selection centre.

All elements of the selection centre will be scored by fully trained assessors and the total scores will be combined with scores from the assessment centre to give a final ranked score. There is a minimum total score set for the selection centre and a minimum score for individual elements of the person specification for consideration for appointment. Both requirements must be met before a candidate may be considered for an offer for training.

Applicants should note that all communications will be through automated email with short time windows for response. Applicants are advised to remain in contact with their email throughout the selection period.

First offers will be issued by March 12 2015.

Receiving offers

In 2015, public health will be using the Oriel system for the management of offers.

In line with the national timeline for Round 1 recruitment, all first offers will be made by 12 March 2015.

If your score is below the minimum level we have set, you will receive notification that you have been unsuccessful this year.

Offers will be made in meritocratic order with the highest ranked candidate receiving an offer for their first-choice preference. Not all candidates will receive an offer for their first preference if successful at interview and may receive an offer for a lower preference depending on their rank and the number of posts available within the different programmes.

Applicants who receive a Round 1 offer are given an option to 'hold' that offer if awaiting offers for a higher preference in this specialty or (for medics) from other specialties in Round 1. For further details, please refer to the applicant guide on the Medical Specialty Training (England) website.

Please contact the recruitment team at if you have any questions about the offers process.

Additional Information

The Postgraduate Dean confirms that these placements and/or programmes have the required educational and Dean's approval.

Right to work in the UK

Doctors who are not UK or EEA nationals and whose immigration status entitles them to work without restriction in the UK will be considered on an equal basis with UK and EEA nationals. Other non-UK or non-EEA nationals with limited leave to remain in the UK and whose employment will require Tier 2 sponsorship are subject to the resident labour market test and may only be considered if there is no suitable UK/EEA candidate or a candidate with an eligible visa for the post. Evidence of immigration status should normally consist of a date-stamped passport and accompanying letter from the Home Office. Please visit the Home Office website for more information.

Criminal record checks

Successful candidates will be required to apply for a Criminal Records Bureau check.

Equality & diversity

We are committed to equality of opportunity and diversity in employment. Applications are welcomed from all sectors of the community and we aim to recruit a diverse workforce that reflects the people we serve.

Complaints and appeals

Complaints and appeals to the public health national recruitment process can be submitted and assessed against a transparent hearing process.

For complaints relating to national recruitment activity the lead recruiter is responsible for managing and 'owning' the complaints. It is their responsibility to liaise with local LETBs/Deaneries to ensure complaints are managed in line with the national complaints procedure.

Applicants should address complaints confidentially to Marcia Reid at the address below or via email to

Marcia Reid
Head of Recruitment and Programmes
Health Education East Midlands
1 Mere Way
Nottinghamshire NG11 6JS