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Applying for posts

In order to be eligible for consultant level positions in public health, applicants would normally be on the Specialist Register.

Trainees from backgrounds other than medicine

Normally, applicants for consultant posts must already be on the UK Public Health Register (UKPHR) of Public Health Specialists.

Trainees from medical backgrounds

Applicants for direct entry to the Specialist Register must wait to apply for consultant posts until the  General Medical Council (GMC) has processed their applications and the entry has been made onto the Specialist Register. An exception is made for Specialist/Specialty Registrars who are within three months of being on the Specialist Register.

The six-month rule

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) advises that applicants who are Specialist/Specialty Registrars in public health, but not yet on the GMC Specialist Register, must have fully passed the Part B MFPH examination in order to be eligible to be short-listed for a consultant grade post.

FPH also advises that suitable signed documentary evidence must be provided by such applicants to confirm that they are within six months (i.e. six months beforehand) of being included on the GMC Specialist Register at the date of interview. The documentary evidence should be:

  • either a RITA Form G/ARCP 6 (Final Record of Satisfactory Progress) or a letter from the postgraduate dean (or Faculty Adviser) specifying the date for completion of training AND
  • a letter from FPH confirming that the applicant has fully passed the Part B MFPH examination

Remaining in a training post

The Orange Book, the Gold Guide and the local postgraduate dean are the sources of information about the constraints around remaining in a training post after the award of the CCT.

Annual assessments similar to the RITA/ARCP are held for those permitted to remain. Their purpose is to confirm that the postholder is continuing to make satisfactory progress towards agreed training goals.

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