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Assessor's report form and criteria

Faculty assessors for senior public health appointments are asked to complete this form following the appointments committee meeting for any senior public health appointments.

Criteria for external assessors for senior public health appointment

Assessors must comply with the criteria set by the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) Board which are also in line with the NHS (Appointment of Consultants) Regulations and must continue to comply with them to remain eligible. The criteria are:

  • to be a Fellow, Member, or Honorary Member of FPH ‘in good standing', including meeting FPH's minimum CPD standards
  • to have full specialist registration via either the GMC Specialist Register, the GDC Specialist List in dental public health, or the UK Public Health Register
  • to have been working for a minimum of five years in public health posts and currently to be working in an NHS/government/public health post (or honorary NHS public health post) as a consultant, or as a consultant in a related specialty (eg CCDC, CHP, consultant epidemiologist, etc) in the UK
  • to have been trained in fair and non-discriminatory interviewing and selection techniques and to have received appropriate training in the application of equal opportunities legislation to appointment procedures

Definition of FPH's minimum requirements for CPD

'In order to comply with FPH's minimum standards for CPD and to remain in good standing, all FPH members must have submitted a satisfactory CPD return for the previous calendar year, or have been exempted from this requirement.'

Good practice guidelines

  • Assessors should undertake CPD on the application of equal opportunities legislation to appointment procedures at least every two years and be able to provide evidence of this
  • Assessors should ensure that they are normally available for at least four Advisory Appointments Committees (AACs) over a two-year period*
  • Assessors should return their report to FPH within five working days of the AAC

* FPH recognises that this might not be possible during the current climate of health reforms.

Quality assurance of FPH assessors

The external professional assessment and advice FPH assessors provide to senior public health appointments on behalf of the FPH provides the assurance that directors of public health, as well as their public health consultant colleagues, have the necessary technical and professional skills required to promote, improve and protect health and provide high-level, credible, peer-to-peer advice about public health in relation to health services.

In order to maintain the current high standard of external assessment and to ensure credibility with employers, FPH is keen to gather feedback on the contributions of the external assessors provided for senior public health appointments. To this end, from February 2014, FPH is introducing a system whereby employers are able to feedback on their experiences. A form will be sent to all employers following the completion of an AAC. Download Quality Assurance of Assessors.

The system will be launched very shortly and will be reviewed later this year. Assessors will be able to request the feedback they have received, which might be useful at appraisals. For further information email

We are very grateful to our assessors for all the important work they undertake on our behalf in this role.

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