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Austerity means long-term price to pay for our health

Commenting on last night's Panorama programme about food banks, Professor John Ashton, President of the Faculty of Public Health, said:

“We know that the people and organisations running food banks are providing a vital service. It is disgraceful that some people in the UK are relying on foodbanks to eat, particularly when so often it’s due to delays in receiving benefits.

"When town halls are spending £3 million on food banks, at a time when their budgets are under huge pressure, we have to ask ourselves what kind of society we are living in. As with previous recessions, there will be a long-term price to pay to our health for austerity measures. Instead of victim blaming, public health should be about protecting the most vulnerable people in society.”

Written: 04/03/2014 , last modified: 08/07/2014