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Childhood obesity needs government action

The Institute of Education has released a report giving its analysis of data on child health from the Millenium Cohort Study. The study found that one in five children born at the start of the millenium was obese by the age of 11.

Commenting on the findings, Dr John Middleton, Vice President for Policy at FPH, said: "This IOE report is shocking. Childhood obesity is not just ‘puppy fat’: Obesity is a life-shortening, life-limiting and life-long condition. Obese children are more likely to become obese adults and, as a result, are more likely, to die early, suffer from cancer, develop diabetes and heart disease, and suffer from arthritis.

"The report shows that our battle with the bulge will never be won if we simply tell people to move more and eat less. Blaming individuals for the choices they make helps no-one. Factors like income, education and where we live affect our chances of being a healthy weight.
“It is time for government to do what only it can and take actions such as act on the call in FPH’s manifesto to introduce a duty on sugary drinks like lemonade or cola. Fizzy pop has no nutritional value and investing the money raised by a sugar duty in children’s services would help tackle the serious problems this report addresses.”

Written: 27/11/2014 , last modified: 17/09/2015