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Children need safe places for psychiatric care

Commenting on today's news that increasing numbers of children and young people are being treated on adult psychiatric wards, Dr John Middleton, Vice President for Policy, Faculty of Public Health, said:

"Despite pledges to give mental and physical health equal status, the reality for many young people and their families is  very different. The information published today shows how mental health services have been hit hard by recent cutbacks in funding. That’s why we need public health expertise to be an integral part of the decision making process for planning health services. It helps make sure precious NHS resources are spent in the most effective way possible, but also helps ensure a 'prevention, not cure' approach.

“The evidence is crystal clear that early intervention helps stop people of all ages needing to be admitted to psychiatric hospital. It is a short-term benefit to cut back on funding for early intervention, because it is the taxpayer, as well as our young people and their families, who bear the cost in the long-term. We urgently need investment in appropriate child and young people services so that they receive the help they need in a safe and secure setting."

Written: 20/02/2014 , last modified: 09/06/2014