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CMOs' guidance on alcohol is 'welcome' and timely

The UK's Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) have today (8 January) published new guidelines for drinking alcohol.

Commenting on the findings, Professor Mark Bellis, FPH's lead spokesperson for alcohol, said: "We welcome this guidance from the UK’s Chief Medical Officers: it sends out a clear message that there is no safe level of drinking alcohol. While most people know that smoking causes cancer, many don't yet realise that drinking alcohol is associated with over 200 health harms, including an increased risk of cancer. It is vital that people make informed choices about the alcohol they consume, and these updated, independent, guidelines will help them do so.
"We'd also like to see government help protect people's health by introducing a minimum unit price for alcohol. While it is up to each of us to look after our health, the evidence is clear that minimum unit pricing would save lives and reduce the huge burden of treating alcohol on the NHS. Moderate drinkers have nothing to fear from a minimum price either, as it would hardly affect them. The only people with anything to lose are the those who make a profit from it. That's why we need a clear commitment to minimum unit pricing from the government."

Written: 08/01/2016 , last modified: 18/10/2016