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Co-ordinated approach needed to tackle obesity

Commenting on the Royal College of Physicans' report on obesity, published today, Professor Lindsey Davies, President of the Faculty of Public Health, said:

"We welcome this report's emphasis on the vital role that physicans play in tackling this public health crisis. FPH supports the call for a single government lead on obesity, who would co-ordinate government action across every department - but every government department must play its part.  The only way we will ever tackle the problems caused by obesity is by everyone working together.

"Obesity is not only caused by how much we each eat or drink: if tackling it were as simple as telling people to eat less and move more, we would have solved it by now. Our chances of being obese are also affected by factors like whether we have easy access to affordable fruit, veg and other healthy foods, and if it safe to let our kids play outside. That's why if governments focus on personal choice alone it is, at best, a red herring and, at worst, a dereliction of duty for everyone's health.

"We look forward to supporting the implementation of this report and working together with organisations like the Royal College of Physicians to make that happen."

Written: 01/01/2013 , last modified: 14/03/2013