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Completion of training

Specialty training in public health is deemed to be complete when:

  • The local training programme has held a final assessment and issued the final assessment form stating that the registrar has met all the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) criteria. This form states the day when the training time is agreed to be complete
  • The registrar has been admitted to Membership of the Faculty of Public Health (FPH)
  • On completion of training registrars from a medical background are recommended to the General Medical Council (GMC) for inclusion on the Specialist Register, while those from other disciplines are recommended for registration with the UK Public Health Register (UKPHR).
Applying for CCT
The Postgraduate Board has approved the introduction of a limit on timeframes within which a doctor is able to apply for a CCT/CP. The limit will be 12 months from the doctors expected end of training date, and will be effective from 31 March 2013.

For further information please refer to the GMC guidance pages.

CCT fee
The FPH Board has agreed that a CCT fee should be applied to all Specialty Registrars with effect from 1 October 2013. This fee is to cover the increased work now expected of FPH in making recommendations to the regulators, including advanced notification to the regulators, rigorous checks of each Registrar’s record of training and audit requirements. Previously, CCT recommendations were of negligible cost, but the additional work now required means that the costs are more substantial. If we don't introduce a charge for CCT those additional costs will be borne by the subscriptions of the whole membership, meaning that non-member Specialty Registrars are benefitting from members’ subscriptions. In the interests of fairness and equity to all our members it is therefore deemed necessary to implement a CCT fee.

The CCT fee is payable to FPH before a recommendation to the regulator is made.

The fee for 2018 has been set at £202.

Acknowledging that many Specialty Registrars are FPH members, until 1 October 2014 this fee will be waived for all Specialty Registrars who have been an FPH member (in any category) in good standing for a period of two years or more prior to their CCT date. From 1 October 2014, the fee will be waived for those who have been an FPH member for a period of three years or more.

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