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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

What is CPD?

CPD online diary login buttonContinuing professional development (CPD) is the component of learning and development that occurs after the formal completion of postgraduate training.

In public health, the overall aim of continuing professional development is to ensure that those who work in the field develop and maintain the necessary knowledge, skills and attributes to practise effectively and work towards improving the health of the population.

CPD is a professional obligation for all public health professionals.

FPH has made some adjustments to its CPD policy in light of revalidation. The new CPD policy was implemented in full on April 2014.


In order to comply with the Faculty's minimum standards for CPD and to remain in good standing, all Faculty members and fellows must either submit a satisfactory CPD return for the previous CPD year, or have been formally exempted by the Faculty from this requirement.

This must be done as soon as possible after 31 March and no later than 30 April each year.

The return must meet the minimum Faculty requirements of 50 credits per year. Gaining more credits does not necessarily equate with better learning or higher quality of practice.

The Faculty reserves the right to check the accuracy of any returns made via the annual audit.

Every Faculty member has a CPD record. A certificate is issued annually to those who have successfully completed CPD requirements by submitting a satisfactory annual return and who have met the Faculty's standards for CPD. Members who have been exempted from participating in the CPD scheme, as well as public health trainees and members who have retired from all public health practice will not be issued a certificate.

Important - Change to your CPD annual return

From 2015, every Faculty member and fellow must submit an annual CPD return by 30 April each year. In earlier years, participants had until 30 June to submit their annual returns or claim exemption from CPD. This change brings forward the annual CPD audit so that those selected for audit will not be submitting their documentation during the main holiday season and will therefore receive their results earlier.

CPD Online Diary

An electronic diary for CPD has been developed and is open to all members and fellows to record their CPD. The online diary allows users to keep an accurate record of their learning activities. It also allows them to submit their annual CPD return online in one easy click, as well as their portfolio when they are selected for audit.

The web address for the Faculty’s online CPD diary is

Log in or sign up to begin using the online diary today.

If you have any comments, queries or concerns, please contact your Regional CPD Adviser or email FPH's or tel 020 3696 1482.

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