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Public Health for Clinical Specialties

Public health is an exciting discipline of growing importance nationally and globally. This requires a broad population-based approach which integrates health sector interventions with those from many other spheres of human influence (political, economic, communities, social, educational, environmental and others).

This June the Faculty of Public Health will be holding a three day course so that you can learn about public health and the core skills and tools needed for the specialty.

The course was originally developed specifically for trainees from other clinical specialties who have an interest in public health, however this has now been opened up to anyone interested to attend. 

The three-day course will take place in London on the following dates:  

28, 29, 30 June 2016

Each place is £447

The sessions will cover the following core public health topics:
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Protection
  • Local Autority Public Health
  • Health Services & Commissioning
  • Leadership

For further information or  for a booking form contact Gareth Cooke, Curriculum & Courses Co-ordinator, at

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