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Effectiveness of Continuing Professional Development

The College of Emergency Medicine, Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians and Manchester Metropolitan University have written a report on the effectiveness of Continuing Professional Development. The report is based on research carried out for a GMC study, as it has been recognised that there has been little literature written on the effectiveness of CPD.

The study involved non-training doctors from staff grades to senior consultants, including those primarily involved in management, CPD provision and assessment, and institutional officials, such as in deaneries and universities, across a range of specialties to determine their understanding of:

  • their own learning or the learning of other doctors within their organisations
  • how this learning relates to conceptions of CPD, its provision and its uptake
  • effective CPD.

You can download the full Effectiveness of CPD Final Report here.


All colleges and faculties under the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AMRC) are changing their individual CPD policies. In light of revalidation, the Academy’s Directors of CPD group developed core headings for CPD which were accepted and approved by all of the colleges and faculties and also approved by the AMRC Revalidation Development Group in June 2009.

The core model is the link between revalidation and the CPD schemes which are in existence across colleges and faculties. For a diverse range of CPD schemes, it will provide a central model which will set the standard for the purposes of revalidation, of which CPD is a major component.

The AMRC Directors of CPD group developed a set of FAQs which you can download here.


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