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CPD Exemptions

Automatic exemption

Faculty members are automatically exempted from participating in CPD if they are in a recognised UK public health training scheme or in an overseas training scheme that has been approved by an appropriate authority for the purpose. This information will be displayed in their CPD record.

Exemption on application

Faculty members are eligible for exemption from participating in FPH CPD scheme on application if:

  • they do not undertake ANY public health practice’
  • they can provide documentary evidence that they are participating in another CPD scheme which has been recognised as acceptable to the Faculty: either a copy of a letter from accrediting body or a copy of current CPD certification. See the list of recognised CPD/CME schemes 
  • they are an Honorary Member of the Faculty who does not require to revalidate
  • their circumstances are exceptional as follows: 
    • prolonged absence from work (e.g. sick leave) for not less than 9 months in any one CPD year 
    • maternity leave for not less than 9 months in any one CPD year 
    • sabbatical leave for not less than 9 months in any one CPD year 
    • any other very exceptional circumstances (these must be discussed with the regional CPD Adviser and referred to the CPD Director for a decision which will be final.)

Those members who are granted a formal exemption will be issued with a confirmatory letter or email setting out the terms of their exemption.

How to apply for exemption

Members applying for exemption should complete Section 4 of the CPD Portfolio, and send it, along with the required evidence, to .

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