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Curriculum and Assessment Committee

The FPH Curriculum and Assessment (C&A) Committee is responsible for maintaining, overseeing and developing the curriculum and assessment systems on behalf of the FPH Education Committee.  The C&A Committee is a sub-committee of the FPH Education Committee and oversees the following functions:

  • The curriculum and associated documents
  • The MFPH examination systems
  • The assessment methodology.

Current Members

Suzanna Mathew - Director of Training, Curriculum and Assessment (Chair) 

Martin Schweiger - Director of Training, Liaison with Training Programmes

Julie Parks - Training Programme Director 

Graham Watkinson - Educational Supervisor 

Andrew Graham - Specialty Registrar Rep

Susann Roughton - Specialty Registrar Rep (Deputy)

Mary Bussell – Part A Examiner

Helen Adcock – Part A Examiner

Judith Bell - Part B Examiner

Fiona Head - Consultant in Public Health

Imogen Stephens - Part A Examiner & Educational Supervisor

Judith Stanton – Educational Supervisor

Jenny Carpenter - Part B Examiner

Margot Nicholls - Educational Supervisor

Greg Dilliway, - Educational Supervisor

Geraldine Arthur - Specialty Registrar