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Curriculum Implementation

Following the approval of the new Public Health training curriculum by our regulators, the UKPHR and the GMC, the Faculty is now working with stakeholders; Training Programme Directors, Registrars and Supervisors at a regional and national level in order to ensure that the transition to the new curriculum will cause as little disruption to the training as possible.

FAQs Resource

In order to address the questions which will arise from all stakeholders regarding this transition the Faculty is hosting the following FAQ which help to provide guidance and clarify this process.  

This is a live page which will be updated at regular intervals. If you have a question which is not addressed here please forward to Gareth Cooke, Curriculum & Courses Co-ordinator,

This page was last updated: 8 February 2016

The following FAQs are split into the following links for ease of reference.

Transitioning to the new curriculum


Signing off Learning Outcomes

New Learning Outcomes & Phases

Transitioning to the new curriculum

Who needs to change to the new curriculum?
If Registrars are due to CCT after 31 August 2017 then they must transition to the new curriculum by August 2016.

Should all new SpRs joining the training programme from August 2015 start on the new curriculum?
Yes, new Registrars starting in 2015 from this date should use the 2015 curriculum.

Why is it not an option that only trainees commencing public health training from August 2015 be started on the new curriculum?
The GMC requires, in the interest of educational quality and patient safety, that all specialty Registrars must use the most recently approved curriculum.

What does moving to the new curriculum by August 2016 mean in practice for those transitioning? At what point in time should the old curriculum shelved and a new start made? Would it make sense for a clean break to occur at the next ARCP?
Moving to the new curriculum can occur as early as possible, and must be completed by August 2016. Using the next ARCP can be an ideal starting point.

I am in the process of writing my learning contract for my placement and planning which specific competencies I hope to get signed off for each of the projects I am assigned to. Should I be looking at the old curriculum's competencies for the learning contract or the 2015 competencies?
Yes, you are correct in using  the 2015 competencies, and are recommended to have a plan for moving to the 2015 curriculum with your educational supervisor at your next meeting or as soon as possible.

For those who have to move from one system to the other do they move in part/whole?
Transitioning StRs will be working to the new curriculum as a whole, and we are doing further work on the guidance for mapping of learning outcomes that have already been signed off to the 2015 curriculum.

If you are due to CCT in August 2017, but have completed all your competencies before 1 August 2016, what needs to be done to be compliant with the new curriculum?
Learning outcomes related to Key Area 10 can only be signed off in the final year, and any gaps in relation to achievement of these competencies need to be addressed.

What is the impact of changes in CCT date due to planned or unplanned circumstances?

CCT on or before 31/08/2017:

Planned OOPE or time out of training resulting in delayed CCT Move to 2015 curriculum
Unforeseen circumstances, such as sickness or emergency leave, unforeseen OOPE etc. Use local school policy to ensure StR is not disadvantaged

CCT on or later than 01/09/2017:

All LOs signed off six months prior to CCT, can they move CCT? Can’t move CCT. Ensure that KA 10 learning outcomes of 2015 curriculum can be signed off

What will the new formative assessment entail and when will it be introduced?
This is developmental work in progress and will not be introduced before it is evaluated and approved by the GMC.

By when must StRs who are currently OOP (e.g. a PhD) or maternity leave and due to return in 2017 or 2018 have transferred across to the new curriculum? They will of course miss the August 2016 “deadline” for transferring across.
They can transfer as soon as they return to the program. Please note that any information currently on the e-portfolio will still be accessible to those transitioning later than August 2016(Also covered in Q 3 under e-portfolio).


Why was a new version of the e-Portfolio developed last year prior to the curriculum review, which has resulted in additional changes?
The previous e-Portfolio was a bespoke system that was proving costly to maintain and modify. As such, it was agreed that a new e-Portfolio, that was more intuitive, flexible and cost effective should be developed, implemented and tested prior to the curriculum review to make it ready for any required changes.

When will Registrars who started training in 2015 be given access to the revised e-Portfolio reflecting the 2015 curriculum?
FPH is currently working on developing the e-Portfolio to bring it into line with the changes to the curriculum. FPH is aiming to have the e-Portfolio ready for new Registrars to begin logging their work towards the middle of November. Updates on e-Portfolio development are circulated regularly and published on the FPH website at the following address: 

How long will the e-Portfolio, which includes the 2010 learning outcomes, remain available following transition? 
For Registrars who are required to transition to the new curriculum, it is anticipated that all their uploaded evidence and information pertaining to the 2010 curriculum will continue to be available for the duration of their training. The e-Portfolio is designed to complement being on the training programme and FPH is also currently working on developing a policy for archiving/deleting the accounts for Registrars who have left the training programme.  

When will the e-Portfolio be available for transitioning Registrars to begin logging their progress against the 2015 curriculum? 
FPH is currently working on developing the e-Portfolio to bring it into line with the changes to the curriculum. The current priority is to provide new Registrars with access to the system. From January 2016, work will begin on an e-Portfolio transition plan for those Registrars who are required to transition to the new curriculum. Updates on e-Portfolio development are circulated regularly and published on the FPH website at the following address: 

Will those on a paper-based e-Portfolio system still be allowed to remain on it?
The e-Portfolio is a tool provided by FPH for Registrars to log the progress of their training. It is not currently mandatory for Registrars to use it but they are welcome to start using the e-Portfolio. They can request access to the system by emailing

How would the mapping work with the new e-Portfolio, will it be done automatically? Will uploaded pieces of work have to be uploaded again? 
An e-Portfolio working group has been tasked with producing a transition plan for those Registrars required to move to the new curriculum. Work on this is scheduled to begin in January 2016 following the introduction of the modified e-Portfolio for new Registrars. FPH has already produced documentation that maps the 2010 learning outcomes to the 2015 learning outcomes and vice versa. FPH will also be producing additional guidance to assist in making the transition as soon as possible.

Will the e-Portfolio that is created for the 2015 curriculum migrate evidence from the previous e-Portfolio (some registrars will be using their third e-Portfolio)?
Old evidence will still be available on the e-portfolio, and will not automatically move to the 2015 version of curriculum, so as to avoid any loss of information or mismatch due to IT issues.

Will current ST2 registrars be able to use the new 2015 e-Portfolio when it becomes available in November?
Yes, the regular updates will inform training programmes as soon as the e-Portfolio is ready and available for use.

Will the way an activity summary sheet is recorded on the e-Portfolio (name of activity, results, summary, reflection) change at all with the new e-Portfolio?
No, the format is similar to the one being used now. Please communicate any suggestions for change to your local e-Portfolio Champion.

Will I be able to adjust the automatic migration linking to that which we will actually have used?
You will be able to indicate in the new activity summary sheet and reflection (ES + StR) that some of these have been met previously.  It is recognised that this is important in the case where you may have lots of old evidence but which is only partially signing off lots of old LOs (i.e. the evidence is still 'live' in that it will be contributing to new LO sign-offs).

I am completing a paper based ARCP this year; will there be a facility on the new e-portfolio to upload paper Activity Summary sheets, such that we can then electronically link them to (agreed) new LOs?
Yes, you should be able to upload paper activity summary sheets.  It is recognised that this could be important where, again, there are (paper) links from this year's Activities to new LOs that don't end up being fully signed off.

If I am an StR currently on a paper portfolio (including if I have been on the 2007 and 2010 curricula) will I only be required to complete outstanding LOs on to the new e-Portfolio? i.e. I will not be required to upload evidence for previous completed LOs or project work
If an StR has never been on the e-portfolio, and will need to transfer to 2015 curriculum, they are requested to discuss this issue urgently with their training programme director regarding the best way forward.

Signing off Learning Outcomes

Can trainees already using 2010 curriculum start getting signed off against 2015 curriculum learning outcomes now, or do we have to wait until we are officially transitioned over?
Yes, you can start getting signed off in discussion with your educational supervisor.

For learning outcomes that we have mapped across from 2010 to 2015, does our supervisor need to review the original evidence to sign these off or are the sign off sheets for 2010 outcomes in conjunction with the mappings documents adequate?
LOSOS with mapping should be adequate.

With respect to deleted 2010 LOs, if these are no longer required for the new curriculum, it seems that anyone transitioning does not need to achieve sign-off. Does this mean they would not be required for an ARCP or for progression to next phase of training?
Only three of the 2010 LOs have been deleted (5.1 to 5.3). Requirements for progression to next phase of training will be based on the StR’s agreed learning contract and the usual assessment processes.

Could you clarify the new two-phase model? Some of the LOs are marked as target for Phase 1. Does this mean they are required for Phase 1 completion? 
The learning outcomes marked as target for Phase 1 must be achieved before completion of Phase 1, which is marked by the passing of Part B of MFP.

When planning new projects or placements for the current year, is it expected/acceptable to identify relevant LOs from the new curriculum? 
Yes, that is the expectation.

Would it be acceptable to show that LOs for the new curriculum and not the old curriculum are being met for ARCPs occurring before formal curriculum switch over (eg. July 2016)?
Yes, that would be ideal. However, if the 2015 version of e-Portfolio is not available before your next ARCP, you can continue to document progress using
a)   the current version of e-Portfolio, or
b)   a paper-based system
depending on what you already use.

For some of the new learning outcomes (eg. "5.7: Demonstrate leadership in environmental sustainability with a focus on the links to health and climate change") can registrars use old pieces of work that they have previously completed to upload as evidence for these?
Yes, if the completed piece of work demonstrates relevant evidence.

Could you clarify the new two-phase model? Some of the LOs are marked as target for Phase 1. Does this mean they are required for Phase 1 completion?
The learning outcomes marked as target for Phase 1 must be achieved before completion of Phase 1, which is marked by the passing of Part B of MFPH. Learning outcomes targeted at specific phases are listed below:

Phase 1 Phase 2
Key Area 3
LO 3.1 – Phase 1
LO 3.2 - Phase 1
LO 3.3 - Phase 1
Key Area 6
LO 6.1 - Phase 1
LO 6.2 - Phase 1
LO 6.3 - Phase 1
LO 6.4 - Phase 1
LO 6.5 - Phase 1
LO 6.6 - Phase 1
Key Area 6
LO 6.8 – Phase 2
LO 6.9 – Phase 2
Key Area 7
LO 7.1 – Phase 1
Key Area 8
LO 8.1 – Phase 1
LO 8.3 – Phase 1
  Key Area 10
All learning outcomes

New Learning Outcomes & Phases

When can we start getting the new Key Area 10 (CCP) outcomes signed off?
In the final year of training, that is not earlier than 12 months prior to CCT

Can work undertaken in previous ARCP years be used to evidence the achievement of a new curriculum LO?
Yes, certainly and depending on the stage of your training.

Is it reasonable to assume that a trainee in their first year of the scheme will mostly be signing off outcomes as partial?

Is the Registrar expected to submit an outcome for sign-off only when they have the expectation of achieving full sign-off?

Is it envisaged that (e.g. in preparation for ARCP), that some outcomes would be submitted at an earlier stage, intentionally to obtain a progress check from the ES?

Is it expected that all learning outcomes will always be in one of these states, i.e. every outcome starts off as minimal and progresses through partial to full?
Assessment prior to ARCP will indicate that all learning outcomes will always be in one of these states. However progression to ‘full’ competence is not limited by phase or years as it will depend on the work undertaken by StR.

How is new Key Area 10 (Integration and Application of Competences for Consultant Practice) to be assessed?
It is based on your portfolio of work and assessed by educational supervisor, so it is exactly the same as achievement of other learning outcomes.

"Key Area 9. Professional personal and ethical development which seems to have replaced the Ethical Management of Self competencies." How is this going to be assessed and how often? EMS outcomes had to be signed off in each phase. There are no levels of achievement associated with the new KA9 and no target phase.
General principles are outlined on page 70, section 9.c of the curriculum, and quoted below, while details are provided against each learning outcome:

“The annual appraisal meeting is a key point of assessment, and the criteria below for each LO give more specific points to be covered in this process. Completion of a multi-source feedback (MSF) instrument is required as a minimum during the ST4 year of training, or early in ST5, which will cover PPED and other areas. Feedback on performance should be sought from others more informally at other times. The outcome of each appraisal discussion will be part of the educational supervisor report to each ARCP."

The annual report from educational supervisor is expected to address progress, based on the reflective reports from StRs for different activities each year, and the MSF report in later years.

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