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Demonstrating competences

Demonstration of Foundation Competence for applicants through the medical route

All applicants wishing to train through the medical route will need to evidence attainment of Foundation competences within the three and a half years preceding the advertised start date for these posts (ie. since January 2015). Applicants are advised to read all guidance carefully to ensure that they can provide appropriate evidence. The acceptable methods for demonstrating foundation competence are as follows:

1. Applicants currently in the second year of a UK affiliated Foundation Programme which is due to finish in August 2018 will need to confirm the name of their Foundation School but do not need to submit any other evidence at the time of application. Any offer of a training programme will be conditional upon successful completion of the Foundation Programme and being awarded a Foundation Programme Certificate of Completion (FPCC) before August 2018.
2. Applicants who have previously completed a UK affiliated Foundation Programme with a FACD 5.2 or FPCC signed and dated no earlier than 1 January 2015 will be eligible in terms of the Foundation competence requirement.  A scanned copy of the FACD 5.2 or FPCC must be uploaded to the Oriel application.
3. Applicants currently in active clinical or clinical and academic practice in a UK educationally approved training post (CT/ST/LAT or equivalent) holding either a National Training Number (NTN) or Deanery Reference Number (DRN) will be considered as having had their foundation competences assessed on entry to their current post and do not need to demonstrate these again, regardless of when the foundation competences were signed off. Applicants in this category who relinquish their NTN or DRN between the time of application and commencement will be required to submit an Alternative Certificate of Foundation Competence for the period out of training.
4. All other medical applicants need to evidence competence by providing an Alternative Certificate which certifies competence completed from a post of at least 3 months duration (continuous and whole time equivalent) in the period from January 2015. This evidence will need to be complete and certified by the date of submission of application. Scanned copies of the certificate(s) must be attached to the Oriel application form.

Equivalent competence must be certified by a supervising registered consultant/GP with whom the applicant has worked for a minimum of three months whole time equivalent (continuous period) since January 2015. Equivalent competence must be certified against all the competences in the Foundation curriculum. An applicant without all foundation competences certified will not be eligible to proceed.

Applicants may submit more than one Alternative Certificate from different posts in order to show evidence of achievement of all competences, but the certificates must relate to posts undertaken for at least three months (continuous period), whole time equivalent (WTE), each since January 2015. Over the sum of the forms submitted, applicants must ensure that all competences are covered.

Alternative Certificates will be accepted where the assessed post has been wholly undertaken for at least three months (continuous period), whole time equivalent (WTE) since January 2015, even if the form is not the one dated 2018.

Please ensure Alternative Certificate(s) is/are uploaded with the application. Original certificates will be required for verification at selection centre.

In addition, applicants are required to have had 12 months experience after achieving full GMC registration, or equivalent, by the start date of the post they are applying for.

Further general information is available in the applicant guide to specialty recruitment 2018.

Demonstration of Agenda for Change Band 6 (or equivalent) competence for applicants through the non-medical route

Applicants from a background other than medicine will need to be able to demonstrate 24 months practice at Agenda for Change Band 6 (or equivalent), of which three months WTE must be in the three and a half years preceding the advertised start date. Any applicant unable to demonstrate this will be ineligible to apply to specialty training.

All posts will commence in August 2018. Please follow the links below for further information on each programme: (this table will be fully populated as information is received from programmes).

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