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Diplomate Membership

Who is eligible?

Diplomate Membership of FPH is available to those who have passed the Part A MFPH examination. Individuals do not need to be enrolled in higher specialty training or have a medical qualification to be eligible for this category.

What are the benefits?

Diplomate Membership of FPH brings with it all the benefits of membership, as detailed in the Membership Grades and Benefits fact sheet, as well as the entitlement to use the designation DFPH from the date of admission.

What is the application process?

All candidates successfully passing the Part A MFPH examination will be automatically elected by the FPH Board to Diplomate Membership.  An election pack will then be sent to those for completion of admission.

Please note that being elected by the FPH Board does not mean you are automatically a Diplomate member.  When an election pack is sent, this must be completed and returned to FPH to complete the application process to Diplomate Membership.  The new member will then receive a confirmation of admission with their Diplomate Membership certificate.

Are there fees involved in being admitted?

All FPH members are required to pay an annual membership subscription fee, but on admission to Diplomate Membership some individuals will be required to pay a one-off registration and pro rata subscription fee.  This will only apply to those who are not members of FPH but who have successfully passed the Part A examination and are automatically eligible for Diplomate Membership.

Those individuals who are already FPH members are not required to pay any fees on their admission to Diplomate Membership, but will be required to pay the annual Diplomate subscription fee in January each year.

Those who have sat the Part A examination but have not yet received an election pack for admission to Diplomate Membership should contact

More information about the Part A examination

For further information about the Part A examination content and structure, including information on applying and preparation, please see the Part A Exam page for more information or contact

Diplomate Membership by exemption

Candidates who have passed Part I of the Examination for Membership of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians, Ireland may claim exemption from Part A of the MFPH examination.

However, they will still need to complete Part B of FPH's membership examination to be eligible for full Membership.

Please see the Exemptions from Exams page about applying for an exemption from the Part A examination.

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