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E-cigarette ban in enclosed spaces in Wales

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) welcomes the announcement that Wales will go ahead with a ban on e-cigarettes in enclosed spaces, including restaurants and workplaces.

FPH is concerned that ‘vaping’ may lead to children and young people starting to smoke cigarettes, and so banning it in public places helps protect children from this potential risk.

There are still concerns about the potentially harmful effects of exhaled vapour on indoor air quality and more research is needed. It makes no sense at this point to risk the gains made in indoor air quality through the tobacco smoking ban.

We believe the jury is still out as to whether people who use e-cigarettes really do quit smoking for good, or if they continue to be ‘dual users’ of both tobacco and e-cigarettes. We need to ensure that e-cigarettes don’t undo all the hard work that has taken place over decades to reduce smoking.

Written: 09/06/2015 , last modified: 17/09/2015