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Education Committees

A list of Part A and Part B examiners can be found in the download sidebar.

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for developing, maintaining and monitoring educational standards in the specialty, including: curriculum development and review, the standards of programme delivery and assessment (including the MFPH examinations).

The Education Committee oversees various sub-committees and working groups including the Part A Examiners, Part B (OSPHE) Executive and Part A Development.

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Committee Members
  • Premila Webster - Chair, Academic Registrar
  • Brendan Mason - Assistant Academic Registrar
  • Rosalind Raine - Chair of HOADs Committee
  • Helen Adcock - Chair of Part A Membership Examination
  • Christopher Packham - Chair of Part B (OSPHE) membership examination
  • Denise O'Hagan - Country Member for Northern Ireland
  • James Chalmers - Country Member for Scotland
  • Suzanna Mathew - Director of Training | Curriculum and Assessment
  • Michael Robinson - Director of Training | Liaison with Training Programmes
  • Annette Wood - Director of Training | Registration & Training
  • Sushma Acquilla - International Committee Representative
  • Edward Prosser - Lay Member
  • Margaret Fitzgerald - Observer | FPHI Representative
  • Elizabeth Keane - Observer | FPHI Representative
  • Harsh Duggal - Professional Affairs Committee Representative
  • Michael Bannon - Public Health Lead Dean
  • Corinne Camilleri-Ferrante - Training Programme Directors Representative
  • Jean Chapple - Training Programme Directors Representative

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Specialty Registrars Committee

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) Specialty Registrars Committee (SRC) is a formal subgroup of the FPH Education Committee.  Its purpose is to represent the interests of specialty registrars in public health from across the UK, ensuring the views of registrars are heard at other FPH committees and decisions taken at those committees are relayed in a timely manner back to registrars through their regional representatives.  It also allows networking across regions and sharing of good practice. Those views may be in relation to FPH policy, national consultations, business and project objectives, training, the practice of public health and to the maintenance and improvement of population health.

Committee Members
  • Robert Howard - Chair
  • Ben Leaman - Vice Chair
  • Siobhan Farmer - Vice Chair
  • Sarah Theaker
  • Rachel Sokal
  • Jonathan Cox
  • Justin Wong
  • Amy Potter
  • Joe McDonnell
  • Andy Graham
  • Wendy Burke
  • Martin Smith
  • Mohit Sharma
  • Jo Peden
  • Rachel Wigglesworth
  • Christopher Littlejohn
  • Joanne Morling
  • Ruth Helen Harrell
  • Paul Fisher
  • Gemma Northey
  • Stella Kaile Botchway
  • Helen Buttivant
  • Kate Lees
  • Sarah Payne
  • Sarah Cuthbertson
  • Joshna Halai
  • Sinead McGuiness
  • Jillian Johnston
  • Lucy-Jane Davies
  • Rakhee Patel
  • Susanna Roughton

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Equivalence Committee

To carry out those functions necessary to enable the FPH to make recommendations to the General Medical Council (GMC) regarding those matters about which GMC must be satisfied for the purpose of carrying out the functions conferred on that authority by CESR of the General and Specialist Medical Practice (Education, Training and Qualifications) Order 2003.

The Committee shall consist of a maximum of 10 full members who shall comprise:

  • Chairman, who shall be an member of the Education Committee
  • other members of the Education Committee
  • Fellows of the FPH with educational/training/assessment experience

The Academic Registrar will be a member of the Equivalence Committee not as assessor but as Office member. The Committee may co-opt, either for the periods specified in the co-option or for a single meeting, any person who appears to the Chairman of the Committee to be specially qualified to express an opinion on any matter falling to be considered by the Committee.

Committee Members

  • Dr Brendan Mason - Chair
  • Dr Cerilan Rogers - Vice Chair
  • Dr Sushma Acquilla - Education Committee Member
  • Dr Peter Sheridan - Education Committee Member
  • Dr Margot Nicholls
  • Dr Nicole Klynman

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Curriculum Review Steering Group

FPH Curriculum Review Steering Group (CRSG) is responsible for overseeing the curriculum review process on behalf of the FPH Education Committee. The CRSG is a sub committee of the FPH Education Committee. The CRSG is chaired by the Assistant Academic Registrar, Dr Brendan Mason, and includes wide representation from FPH committees, regulators and other stakeholders including:

  • Dental Public Health
  • Department of Health
  • General Medical Council
  • Health and Care Professions Council
  • Health Education England
  • Health Protection Scotland
  • Lead Dean for Public Health
  • Local Government Association
  • Public Health Agency (NI)
  • Public Health England
  • Public Health Specialty Registrars Committee
  • Public Health Wales
  • UK Public Health Register

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Curriculum Review Working Group

The Curriculum Review Working Group (CRWG) was constituted from the Curriculum and Assessment Committee and is responsible for undertaking the operational work of the curriculum review on behalf of the Curriculum Review Steering Group (CRSG). The CRWG is a sub-group of the CRSG.

The CRWG is chaired by Dr Suzanna Mathew, Director of Training for Curriculum and Assessment, and includes the members of the Curriculum and Assessment Committee as well as representation from the CRSG, FPH committees and registrars. 

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OSPHE (Part B) Executive

The OSPHE (Part B) Executive is a sub-committee of the FPH Education Committee. It is responsible for ensuring that the OSPHE examination is fit for purpose and satisfies the standards as laid out by the General Medical Council/UK Public Health Register. The OSPHE Executive is also responsible for the development of the OSPHE examination, including structure, format, policy and aims.  

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Committee Members

    Chris Packham - Chair of OSPHE Examiners
  •  Judith Bell - Deputy Chair of OSPHE Examiners
  • Annette Wood - OSPHE Logistics and Facilities
  • Margaret Somerville - OSPHE Logistics and Facilities
  • Jill Meara - OSPHE Question Development
  • Edward Prosser - Lay Member
  • Russell Ampofo - FPH Head of Education and Training
  • Grant Fisher - Examinations Manager
  • Alex Bulgo - OSPHE Administrator

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