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Employer Standards for Public Health Teams - consultation

Public health is a complex series of interlocking functions requiring a multi-agency approach by groups of professionals with complementary skills to protect and improve the public’s health. In 2015/6 Public Health England carried out a review of public health workforce needs over the next five years and published Fit for the Future - Public Health People. One of the recommendations of the review was the creation of Employer Standards for Public Health Teams
These are intended as a guide to good practice for all organisations that employ public health professionals.  They are intended to be applicable to staff working in public health at all levels and set out responsibilities around supporting employees, ensuring their capacity and the capacity and capability of the public health workforce, by supporting professional training.
These standards:

  • set out clear expectations of good employers who want to enable all their staff, employed in the delivery of public health functions, to work effectively
  • are relevant to everyone with a role in the delivery of public health functions. This includes people working at all levels and in a number of professions in public health practice. 
  • are about ensuring that the workforce is fit to practice.
  • are a set of principles which are intended to apply equally to all professional groups.

The standards are built around a commitment to professionalism and professional membership organisations will be key partners in supporting and enabling employers to develop and support their staff through the adoption of the employer standards.

We welcome comments and feedback on the draft employer standards, specifically:

  • Is it clear and understandable?
  • Is its purpose clear?
  • Is there anything missing?
  • Are there any resources that we can add?

If you have any comments or feedback please contact by 12 October 2017.

Written: 18/09/2017 , last modified: 20/09/2017