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The purpose of enrolment

The enrolment process enables the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) to oversee and monitor the progress of registrars throughout their training, and maintain national standards of training by ensuring the excellence of the training provided in programmes. Enrolment is a requirement for registrars to gain access to the training ePortfolio, sit the membership (MFPH) examination and qualify for a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in the specialty of public health, or to register as a Generalist Specialist with the UKPHR. 
All Specialty Registrars (StRs) who enter Specialty training programmes in public health are required to enrol with FPH and pay the first annual fee within three months of commencing the training scheme. Registrars must pay an annual Training & Membership fee, which includes benefits of membership and covers the enrolment and ongoing fees associated with training (excluding examination fees). 
For 2018 the Registrar Training and Membership fee is set at £290 (fee subject to annual review in line with inflation).  

If a registrar goes out of programme for reasons such as maternity, illness or to pursue an interest not related to public health training, their payments may be suspended until they return to the programme.
A salary linked- reduction to the membership fee- at the equivalent level to Diplomate Membership (currently a one third reduction below £22K, a two third reduction below £7K)- will be applied to Registrars working less than full time.

This fee applies for the entire duration that someone is in training and stops once they complete training, when they move to the membership rate until admitted by FPH as Fellows, paying the current full membership rate as appropriate.

Registrars will automatically progress through the membership categories during training (e.g. become DFPH on passing part A etc.)- subject to existing criteria and the checks and processes governing elections and admissions-but continue to pay the annual Training & Membership fee until training is completed. Upon completion they will automatically be moved to the relevant membership subscription rate.

How to enrol

  • The enrolment process is undertaken via the completion and submission of the enrolment form [Word].
  • The enrolment form should be countersigned by the Training Programme Director who will check for accuracy and confirm the level of entry (e.g. ST1, ST2 etc.)

The completed form must be sent with the following supporting documents:

Completed enrolment forms must be sent to the Specialty Training Co-ordinator, Education  Department, The Faculty of Public Health, 4 St Andrews Place, London, NW1 4LB.

Once the enrolment process has been completed; FPH will

  • Create an individual file for the StR
  • Register the StR on the FPH database
  • Provide the StR with an ePortfolio account
  • Provide a letter confirming the StR’s enrolment and an estimated CCT date.

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