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ePortfolio frequently asked questions

All ePortfolio queries should be sent to Please only send them to this address. That way we can keep track of the queries in an organised manner. Please provide as much detail as possible about the issue and whether the problem is impeding an upcoming Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) or Certificate for Completion of Training (CCT). Please also provide your login details in case we need to access your account directly.

Which browsers are compatible with the new ePortfolio system?
  • Internet Explorer version 8 and above
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox.
I am a registrar who needs an activity/educational supervisor added to the system. How do I go about this?

Prior to sending your request, please arrange an email to be sent from your training programme director (TPD) or deanery to confirming your supervisor’s status in order for us to action this.

I am a registrar who has submitted learning outcome sign-off sheets (LOSOS) for approval, but my educational supervisor cannot see them. What do I do about this?

Ensure that your educational supervisor (ES) is selected by means of the drop-down menu in the 'My Profile' section.

Can I link learning outcomes to evidence as I could in the old ePortfolio?

In the old ePortfolio, individual pieces of evidence could be linked to learning outcomes. However, in the new system, learning outcomes can only be linked to activities – which in turn contain evidence.

I have produced a new activity and linked it to learning outcomes, but when I navigate away from the page, the comments disappear. What can I do?

When learning outcomes are linked to an activity, each learning outcome must have a comment entered into the adjacent text box, and it must be saved, otherwise the comments may be lost.

I want to make changes to an activity that I created but it is locked. How can I unlock it?

Activities are locked when they have been linked to a Learning Outcome which has subsequently been submitted to an ES for review and approval. Under these circumstances it is not possible for the registrar to change any of the activities linked to the LOSOS, or for us to manually alter the status of them, as the material is in the domain of the ES. We have incorporated functionality into the ePortfolio which will automatically unlock an activity (provided it hasn't been submitted to an Activity Supervisor for approval); this requires the ES to reject the LOSOS in question. It should be noted that where an activity has been linked to more than one LOSOS, each of those LOSOS must be rejected for the unlocking to take place.

It’s highly recommended to all registrars that activities are completed and signed-off before they are submitted as part of a LOSOS. In situations where this hasn’t occurred, and rejection of multiple LOSOS is impractical or impossible, registrars are asked to create a new activity, submit it to their Activity Supervisor for approval and link that to other LOSOS as required.

How can I indicate which pieces of evidence relate to which learning outcome, if all the pieces of evidence are grouped under one activity?

Ideally, your supervisor would be able to review your activity and the evidence within it and be clear about how the learning outcomes are fulfilled. However, that is not always the case. We recommend that you make this as clear and as simple as possible for your supervisor to tell how the evidence in your activity fulfils a learning outcome. We suggest you use the comments box in the activity relations page to note which pieces of evidence complement the fulfilment of the learning outcome you have linked to the activity.

I have sent an activity/LOSOS for approval, but my supervisor did not receive notification of this. What should I do?

Email notifications informing supervisors that items require sign off are not automatically generated by the new system.

I have an ARCP open/under review on the system which should have been closed. What is the procedure for this?

We will require a copy of your ARCP outcome form in order to close an open/under-review ARCP. Please request the form from your deanery and email it to

I am a supervisor who has just received access to the ePortfolio system. When I add details to my profile, I am required to add a supervisor. What should I put for this?

In the ‘My Profile’ section, you are required to input details of your educational supervisor (ES) and TPD. In the ‘region’ field of both ES and TPD, please select ‘No Region’ and in the search field please select or type into the field ‘System SU’.

I am a supervisor who needs to sign off LOSOS for a registrar. Where do I find them?

LOSOS for sign off can be found under ‘Registrar Progress’ on the left-hand menu.

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