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European Public Health Links

This is an evolving collection of links, most of which have pages in English. Please feel free to email us ( ) any suggestions for additional links, corrections or even new sections.


A few links to mostly english language pages from other european countries. If you notice errors or want to suggest other pages then please send them in.


University of Innsbruck School of Public Health


Scientific Institute of Public Health
This is a Belgian state research institute for public health. The site has reports available in English, French and Dutch on Ssurveillance of communicable and non communicable diseases, risk assessment, environment and health.

National Institute of Statistics


Andrija Stampar School of Public Health, Zagreb

Czech Republic

National Institute of Public Health

Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic


Danish Society of Public Health

Danish national board of health
Health Promotion and Prevention, health services evaluation, statistics and Denmark's public health strategy ( English Translation) are available from this site.

Denmark National Institute of Public Health
The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) is research institute under the Danish Ministry of the Interior and Health. Functions include: research into the health and morbidity of the Danish population; research into the functioning of the health care system; to make reviews and consultancy for public authorities; to participate in the education of researchers; teaching in public health science and social medicine.

Denmark Statens Serum Institut
National institute for prevention and control of infectious diseases and congenital disorders. Site includes searchable database of notifications of notifiable diseases in Denmark.

Institute of Preventive Medicine, Copenhagen, Denmark
Research institute. Projects include childhood obesity, alcohol, physical activity, child health.

Syd Dansk University Institute of Public Health, Odense, Denmark.


Health Protection Inspectorate, Estonia

Eurasian Countries



National Institute of Public Health, Finland


Societe francaise de sante publique - French Society of Public Health - members include individuals and organisations.

Sante.Fr - portal for health web sites in France.

Ecole de sante publique de Nancy - School of Public Health Nancy - comprehensive links page to public health sites in french.

Ecole des hautes études en santé publique - EHESP School of Public Health, Rennes.

Haut Comite de la sante publique
Reporting to the French minister of health, this committee produces reports on the state of health in France and advises on public health strategy.

Health in France: English translation of 2002 report downloadable.


German Coordinating Agency for Public Health

Federal Ministry for Health and Social Security

Federal Centre for Health Education
Topics include AIDS, Nutrition and School Health

Federal Institute for Risk Evaluation
Federal scientific body that prepares expert reports and opinions on food safety and consumer health protection


Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology National University of Athens

Surveillance of antimicrobial resistance


Ministry of Health, Hungary
Site includes small number of documents in English

Hungarian Healthy Cities Network


Iceland Directorate of Health english language pages


Department of Health and Children, Ireland

National Disease Surveillance Centre, Dublin

Institute of Public Health in Ireland

Faculty of Public Health Medicine, Ireland


Inter- university Experimental Centre for Health Education (CSESi)


"Public Health Agency" (in Latvian)


Lithuanian Public Health Association, Kaunas

Ministry of Health

Outline of health policy and public health programme (in English)


Ministry of health, the elderly and community care (in English)


Netherlands Public Health Federation
Umbrella group for 32 public health institutions and professional organisations in the Netherlands

The Health Council of the Netherlands
Advisory body to the Netherlands government on public health. Work includes the effectiveness of breast cancer screening, prevention of obesity, the impact of night-time light pollution on human beings and nature, or occupational exposure to diesel fumes. Large number of reports with English abstracts or translated entirely.

National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Netherlands
Public health research body. Many reports and links in English


Norwegian Institute of Public Health
The Norwegian Institute of Public Health is a national center for epidemiology, infectious disease control, environmental medicine, forensic toxicology and research on drug abuse.


Ministry of health


Slovak Public Health Association


Sociedad Espanola de Salud Publica y Administracion Sanitaria (SESPAS) - in Spanish


National Insitute of Public Health - English pages
The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) was established in 1992. It is a state agency under the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.

Umea International School of Public Health


Swiss Society for Public Health

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Europa - Massive official web site of the European Union. Access from here by subject matter, institutions and via current news.

EU Law, the Official Journal

Eurostat - Health data is grouped under populations and social conditions. Reports include key statistics on health and atlas of mortality.

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

European Commission Public Health Press Releases

Health and Consumer Protection Directorate General

Council of the European Union - The main decision making body of the European Union. Brings together the ministers of each member state responsible for that subject (foreign affairs, finance, social affairs, transport, agriculture, etc.). Chaired by the member state which is currently providing the 'presidency' which rotates every six months. Meeting documents, news and links to presidency.

European Council - Composed of heads of government or state of EU member states. Meets in summits to determine overall policy directions.

EU Press Office - Current news, database of press releases, links to speeches and background. See the 'Midday Express' for a useful summary of each day's EU news releases.

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European Agency for Health and Safety at Work
EU agency based in Bilbao, Spain the agency aims to make Europe's workplaces safer, healthier and more productive. Site contains information on health and safety and occupational health information in all EU member states and many publications.

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) is one of the European Union's decentralised agencies. Established in 1993 and based in Lisbon, it is a key source of comprehensive information on drugs and drug addiction in Europe. Site contains reports on drug control situation in each country as well as reports on overall EU situation.

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
Recently established in Stockholm.

European Medicines Evaluation Agency

European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

European Food Safety Authority

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Association of Schools of Public Health in The European Region. ASPHER is dedicated to strengthening the role of public health through the training of public health professionals for both practice and research. Founded in 1968, it has over 70 institutional members, 7 from UK.

European Public Health Alliance (EPHA)
The European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) represents over 100 non-governmental and other not-for-profit organisations working in support of health in Europe.

European Public Health Association (EUPHA)
Umbrella organisation for public health associations in Europe.

EuroHealthNet – the European Network of Health Promotion Agencies

European Public Health Law Network - a network of expertise on the use of law for the promotion and protection of public health across the European Union, as well as Croatia, Turkey, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

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A short collection of links by topic please feel free to suggest more content.

Communicable disease | Lifestyles, Diet, Physical Activity | Health Service systems and policy

Communicable disease

The EpiNorth project aims to improve communicable disease control and communication in Northern Europe and across the border to Russia. Key objectives of the project are:

EuroTB is a collaborating Centre of WHO for the surveillance of tuberculosis. Funded partly by EU it started in 1996 with the objective to improve the contribution of public health surveillance to tuberculosis control in Europe and the standardisation of tuberculosis surveillance methods. It co-ordinates the surveillance of tuberculosis (TB) in the 52 countries of the WHO European Region. Site includes TB profiles for each country, slides and publications.

EuroHIV co-ordinates the surveillance of HIV/AIDS in the WHO European Region (52 countries) since 1984. Based in France its mission is to understand, improve and share European HIV/AIDS surveillance data in order to better inform disease prevention, control and care. Its objectives include making international comparisons, assessing trends, characterising affected populations and predicting disease burden and evaluating surveillance methods. Surveillance reports, slides and links to participating countries.

European Working Group for Legionella Infection
The European Working Group for Legionella infections was formed in 1986. Members are scientists with an interest in improving knowledge and information on the clinical and environmental aspects of legionnaires' disease through developments in diagnosis, management and treatment of the disease.

In 1987 the group established a surveillance scheme (known as EWGLINET from July 2002). This detects cases of legionnaires' disease in people who developed the disease as a result of travelling and staying in hotels or other types of holiday accommodation. The aims of the scheme are to rapidly identify outbreaks in order that immediate control measures for prevention of further cases can be taken and investigations into the source(s) of infection carried out. New European guidelines for control and prevention of travel associated legionnaires' disease have recently been produced and adopted by the group. The website is managed by the co-ordinating centre in London.

Eurosurveillance is a multiformat journal that publishes authoritative, peer-reviewed information on communicable diseases from a Europe-wide perspective, and is evolving in response to the challenges of collaboration across many more borders. Funded by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection (DG SANCO) It has an editorial team based at both the Institut de veille sanitaire at Saint-Maurice, France, and at the Health Protection Agency Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre in London, England. Free subscription to newsletters and email bulletins.

European Influenza Surveillance Scheme EISS
EISS aims to contribute to a reduction in morbidity and mortality due to influenza in Europe. It brings together data from 31 reference laboratories in 25 European Countries. Data on incidence, reports etc.

European Organisation for Rare Diseases - EURODIS
Eurordis is a non-governmental organisation, which brings together more than 200 rare disease associations in 16 different countries, 13 of which are European Union member states. It is supported by its members, the European Commission and by private partners.

Lifestyles, Diet, Physical Activity

Health Behaviour in School Aged Children
HBSC is a school-based survey of 11, 13 and 15 year olds with data collected through self-completion questionnaires administered in the classroom. It is carried out by a research network, in collaboration with WHO. The data bank is in Bergen, Norway. Currently involves 36 countries. Site provides references to publications, a few of which can be downloaded.

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Health Service Systems and policy

The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies
The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies supports and promotes evidence-based health policy-making through comprehensive and rigorous analysis of the dynamics of health care systems in Europe. The Observatory is a partnership between the WHO Regional Office for Europe, the Governments of Belgium, Finland, Greece, Norway, Spain and Sweden, the Veneto Region of Italy, the European Investment Bank, the Open Society Institute, the World Bank, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).


Euro Observer
Euro Observer, is the newsletter of the WHO European Observatory on Health Care Systems. It provides information on heath care system reforms across Europe through review articles and commentaries. It also describes the Observatory's activities, studies and reports.

Published by LSE Health and the European Health Policy Research Network (EHPRN) It includes reports on the latest developments in health care reforms and health policy developments around the world. It also covers the European and international organisations and institutions, with a particular emphasis on the European Union.


Closing the Gap: Strategies for Action to tackle health inequalities in Europe

SPHERE Strengthening Public Health Research in Europe


European Public Health Association Directory Directory of NGOs and health information links.

World wide web virtual library Public Health Section. Large collection of links to web sites in European countries.

Rollins School of Public Health Emory University

Health Development Agency

Netherlands Health Council - health technology links


Brussels in Europe Office - Published by the administration covering the city of Brussels it provides a useful serach engine of local, regional, national and international representations with offices in Brussels.

Health Development Agency international consultants database
The HDA European and International Programme has developed this service to help experienced professionals in England promote themselves for public health projects and initiatives internationally. Useful set of links and advice. Register.

The European Commission's EU public health portal
A single point of reference for reliable and easily accessible information on a wide range of health-related topics for citizens, patients, health professionals, stakeholders and policy-makers.

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