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Every contact counts as part of wider work to promote health

The NHS Future Forum has published key recommendations to the government on the future for NHS modernisation.

Professor Lindsey Davies, President of the Faculty of Public Health, gave an initial response:

"The Faculty of Public Health supports the Every Contact Counts initiative, which needs to be part of a much wider attempt to make health services more able to deliver messages about promoting and protecting health. People also need the right support and opportunities to change behaviour.

"We don't want healthcare professionals to be telling off ill people. Professionals do need to think holistically about the needs of the person in front of them and taking appropriate opportunities to help them get healthier - and stay that way.

"People such as receptionists, admin staff and others who deal with patients can play their part too. We need an NHS that truly values health rather than just picks up the pieces when people get ill."

Written: 10/01/2012 , last modified: 19/07/2012