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Faculty of Public Health’s position on the Health and Social Care Bill

On Wednesday 25 January, 200 (6%) of FPH’s members attended a meeting in Birmingham to discuss our position on the Health and Social Care Bill, after 63 of our members requested it. The text of the motions, which were all passed, follows below.

It was very clear that the majority of those members present had very serious concerns about the impact of the Bill on people’s health across the UK - not just in England - if it is passed in its current form. It was also very clear that many of our members strongly believe that the law does not need to be changed, and that the Bill is an unwelcome and unnecessary distraction, given the challenges the NHS faces.

Our position on the Bill has not yet changed but we will now be asking our entire membership in a survey on the Bill as a whole, and whether or not we should continue with our current approach of lobbying and pushing amendments to it. This is part of our ongoing work to engage and consult with our members, as we have done since the health reforms were first introduced.


Please contact us via the details below with any further media enquiries. You call also follow us on Twitter (@FPH).

FPH held an Extraordinary General Meeting on January 28 2012, which was attended by 200 members, with around 120 people watching a live stream of the discussions. Indicative votes were taken to help our Board decide the best way for the organisation to advocate on behalf of members about the Bill.

These are the motions that were discussed at the FPH EGM on January 25th 2012:

Motion from Public Health for the NHS Group

That this meeting:

(a) considers that the Health and Social Care Bill, if passed, will damage the NHS and the health of the public in England
Yes - 175
No - 8
Abstained - 22

(b) calls upon the Faculty of Public Health to demand complete withdrawal of the Health and Social Care Bill;
Yes - 130
No - 43
Abstained - 10

(c) calls upon the Faculty of Public Health to seek an alliance with the RCGP, other medical Royal Colleges and other bodies to oppose the Bill.
Yes - 162
No - 8
Abstained - 22

Motion from the Faculty of Public Health

(a) This meeting calls on the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) to continue to provide strong leadership on the future system for improving the public's health in England by ensuring:

the maximum effectiveness and safety of the public health system
the highest possible professional standards of public health practice.
Yes - 79
No - 2
Abstained - 102

(b) The meeting recognises that FPH is the natural organisation to lead on this area and expects FPH to continue to commit its policy and advocacy resources towards these goals as the highest priority.

Yes - 55
No - 20
Abstained - 100

Written: 26/01/2012 , last modified: 16/04/2012