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Faculty of Public Health members get their say on priorities for Scotland

Are you a member of FPH? What do you think FPH priorities should be in Scotland?

Have your say in the consultation on A Call to Action to Improve Scotland's Health, an externally facing policy document which is intended to be sent to the Members of Scottish Parliament from the Committee of the Faculty of Public Health in Scotland (CFPHS).

A Call to Action to Improve Scotland's Health has been developed to advocate for a reduction in inequalities, to protect, improve and promote the health and wellbeing of Scottish people and to ensure the provision of high quality, evidence-based healthcare services which meet the needs of the population they serve.

It reflects the responsibility of CFPHS members to advocate for wider health policy to improve the health of present and future generations in all aspects of Scottish public health, including academic, health intelligence, health improvement, health protection and health-service quality improvement as well as health policy. For information about the structure of public health services in Scotland click here.

This policy priority document has been drafted to reflect the breadth of public health work in Scotland, and, while it is by no means exhaustive, hopefully allows engagement from a variety of different roles within the FPH membership.

Views and opinions of FPH members are sought via consultation. These views will be collated in a report and shared with all those who participate. This consultation will then inform the formation of a published list of 12 policy priorities which will be sent to all elected Members of the Scottish Parliament.

The consultation is open to all FPH members and feedback is primarily through your CFPHS representative, of which there is one in almost every health board in Scotland. To identify your CFPHS representative click here. Alternatively, or additionally, you may choose to feedback individually. Consultation closes on the 1 January 2017.

For more information please contact , Specialty Registrar in Public Health.

To download a copy of the draft of A Call to Action to Improve Scotland's Health for consultation click here.

To download a copy of the consultation template click here.

Written: 14/12/2012 , last modified: 05/12/2016