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Faculty of Public Health welcomes air pollution report

The Royal College of Physicians and Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health today launched a report on air pollution, entitled Every breath we take: the lifelong impact of air pollution.

Commenting on the report, Professor Simon Capewell, Vice President for Policy at the Faculty of Public Health (FPH), said: "FPH warmly welcomes this scientifically solid report and endorses all the recommendations. This work catalogues the severity of the disease burden caused by existing levels of air pollution and the unacceptable inequalities in both exposure and vulnerability.

"We agree with the report’s explicit call for immediate action to reduce pollution and support the deliverable interventions identified. These actions, including a planning system that makes services and amenities accessible by active travel and public transport, together with investment in public transport and infrastructure to support walking and cycling routes, will substantially increase levels of physical activity as well as reducing pollution.

"This will also help us tackle both the national obesity crisis and contribute to reducing our contribution to climate change, two of the biggest public health challenges we face. There will be other powerful benefits including improving general environmental quality and physical and mental health and wellbeing. While all of us will benefit, FPH applauds the fact that these actions will especially protect the most vulnerable in our society."

Written: 23/02/2016 , last modified: 19/08/2016