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Fair deal for shoppers needed to create healthy society

Commenting on the launch of Change for Life's Smart Swap campaign, Dr John Middleton, Vice President of the Faculty of Public Health, said:

“Individuals are responsible for what they buy, eat and drink, and so simple changes like the Smart Swaps approach can be a helpful step towards making healthier choices.

“However, this measure doesn’t go far enough to tackle the reasons why one in eight adults are obese and a third of children are either overweight or obese. For example, Smart Swapping can’t make it easier for those people on low incomes who don’t have access to good public transport to reach the shops and markets that sell the best value healthy foods.

“We need a fair deal for shoppers so that everyone – individuals, government and industry – does their bit to create a healthy society.

"Simple swaps for government could include swapping all sugary drinks in schools and hospitals for healthy drinks, swapping advertising to children of unhealthy food for healthy food and taxing sugary drinks so that the revenue can be swapped into providing services to help us tackle obesity.”

Written: 03/01/2014 , last modified: 05/03/2014