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Floods are a major public mental health issue

Commenting on the impact of recent floods in England on people's health, FPH's President Professor John Ashton said:

"In the short-term, people need to be sensible and realise the public health risks of the flood waters. It's not just from sewage but also from the other risks of people finding ways to cope that are unsafe, like heating the inside of their homes with patio heaters, or falling off roofs when they try to fix them.

"In the longer term, the floods are going to be a major public mental health issue. That so-called 'Dunkirk' spirit that is keeping communities going now is excellent, but it can't last forever. People need practical help from insurers to get back into their flooded houses as quickly as possible, and that's why I called on the Prime Minister to meet with insurance companies. I'm very glad to see that's now happening.

"Public health professionals are playing their part by working together to help make flooded areas safe places to live and work. We need to make sure that insurers and the government are doing all they can to address the reasons why people are, understandably, getting angry at the support they have had so far."

Written: 18/02/2014 , last modified: 08/07/2014