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FPH commends Government for announcement on standardised packaging of cigarettes

Commenting on news that the Government will put Regulations on the standardised packaging of cigarettes and other tobacco products to a vote in Parliament before the General Election, Dr John Middleton, Vice President for Policy at the Faculty of Public Health, said:

“This vote is fantastic news for our children’s health as well as common sense. All those MPs who voted in favour of the introduction are to be congratulated for introducing a measure that will help make it less likely that hundreds of children will start smoking every day. We know that the public and healthcare professionals support this move, and it helps the UK become a world leader in protecting against the harms of tobacco. 

“We can learn from the experience of the introduction of standardised packs in Australia, where retailers have found it easy to implement them, and there is no evidence they increase smuggling. In fact the only people who stand to lose from standard packaging: those who profit from the sale of tobacco, which is the only legal product which is lethal if it is used as intended.”

Written: 22/01/2015 , last modified: 09/06/2015