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FPH comments on the new report on adult obesity trends

Adult obesity figures are still on the increase according to a report published today by the National Heart Forum. The findings, based on the NHF’s analysis of the most recent data from the Health Survey for England, also predict a significant rise in the future burden of cardiovascular disease attributable to obesity.

The FPH’s obesity lead, Dr Helen Walters, commented:

“The NHF findings are a salutary reminder that the UK is still in the grip of the obesity epidemic. An unhealthy weight has equally important effects on the health of an individual as smoking does: obese adults are far more likely to die earlier of heart disease and cancer.

The solution is not just for individuals to look at their lifestyle. Society as a whole needs to look at how we plan public spaces, market high-calorie foods and drinks, enable cycling and walking and price alcohol. We need strategic approaches to tackle obesity and obesogenic environments. This should involve the statutory sector, including health, local authorities, planning and education, the voluntary sector and local industries working together to make the necessary long-term changes.”

‘A Prediction of Obesity Trends for Adults and Their Associated Diseases’ report by the National Heart Forum:

The National Heart Forum press release:



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Written: 17/02/2010 , last modified: 13/05/2010


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