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FPH conference 2015

The Politics of Healthy Change

23 & 24 June 2015 at Sage, Gateshead

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) staged its 2015 Annual Conference at Sage, Gateshead following a strong bid led by Eugene Milne, Director of Public Health at Newcastle City Council, and the NewcastleGateshead Convention Bureau.

View a slide-show and hear interviews with delegates.

Presentation list

Click on the links below to view the presentations:

Presentation Speaker
A mixed methods study investigating the role of primary schools in reducing childhood obesity Al-Shammary Y, Mahmood H, Mulhern C, Mcgee E, Singh M
A strategy for reducing health inequalities in early diagnosis of long term conditions in primary care Ononeze V, Sangowawa T, Jenkins D, Edwards C, Williams P, Walker, C
An introduction to mindfulness and its potential for the health of ourselves and our nation Crump S
Epigenetics should be shaping our public health policy Jader L
Health Equity North: Using opportunities in the new public health system and the drive for localism to address long standing health inequalities Johnstone P, McInroy N, Sirotkin M, Sharp T
Inclusive Management: the key to embedding equality and diversity into the modern public health sector
Finnegan L
Intervention to prevent type 2 diabetes, adapted for women at high-risk from black and minority ethnic populations:  outcomes at 12 months follow-up Penn L, Sniehotta F, White M
Master Class on Commissioning Musculoskeletal Care Lingard E
Mental Health & Workplace Wellbeing McGuinness F
Outcomes of domestic violence screening at an acute London trust: are there missed opportunities for intervention? Warren-Gash C
Poorer mental health in UK bisexual women than lesbians: evidence from the 2007 Stonewall UK Women's Health Survey Colledge L
Promoting Public Mental Health and Wellbeing - exploring the role and engagement of the wider workforce Brown J, Learmonth A, Mackereth C
Responsive (academic) research services: more than a post box for policy and practice? Reflections on two years of collaborative working with AskFuse van der Graaf P, Shucksmith J, Rushmer R, Rhodes A, Welford M
Saving Londoners' Lives - A project to equip all London's school pupils with emergency life support skills Schiller G
Second-hand smoke exposure among children and young people in Northern Ireland – progress and challenges McAvoy H (co-authors Purdy J, Mitchell E)
SH:24 - Agile, digital innovation to deliver sexual health 24 hours a day. Online service development – from conception to a commissioned service Spencer-Hughes V, Baraitser P, Holdsworth G
Smoking Still Kills – where next for tobacco control? Cheeseman H
Streetwise Opera: An Infographic 2014-15 Streetwise Opera
Understanding social, structural and commercial influences on the drinking behaviour of young people (aged 13-17): A qualitative interview study Kaner E, Scott S, Shucksmith J, Baker R
Violence-related injury and the real price of alcohol in England & Wales Page, N
Who Wins?  Using creative arts to move from medical to social models for better mental health & wellbeing Harris J
Why are the current models that underpin primary eye care in the UK contrary to the public health interest? Shickle D (co-authors Davey C,  Slade S)


The conference planning committee was made up of representatives from various committees across FPH, supported by FPH staff:

  • Helen Adcock, Part A Examiners
  • Kirsty Little, Academic & Research Committee
  • Suzanna Mathew, Curriculum Review Working Group
  • Julie Parkes, National Public Health Recruitment Executive
  • Toks Sangowawa, Board/Exec
  • Ted Schrecker, Journal of Public Health editor
  • Martin Seymour, Specialty Registrars
  • Heema Shukla, Professional Affairs Committee
  • Sarah Stewart-Brown, Mental Health Committee
  • Naveed Syed, CPD Advisers Committee
  • Hugo van Woerden, FPH Committee in Wales
  • Helen Walters, Health Policy & Advocacy
  • David Williams, Risk Management, Audit & Finance

The committee worked closely with staff to deliver a successful event for FPH members and guests from across the UK and internationally. Running alongside the conference was an exhibition and a range of professional and educational events.

With nearly 550 participants, the conference offered numerous networking opportunities as well as social events to welcome our award winners and delegates on the evening of the 23 June.


Newcastle, on the north bank, and Gateshead, on the south bank, are separated by the river Tyne and linked by seven bridges. Together they form a diverse and unique visitor destination for our annual FPH conference in 2015. It is a compact city and can easily be traversed on foot, on the Metro light rail system or on the low-emission hybrid buses.

NewcastleGateshead also has excellent road, rail, sea and air links making it accessible from all parts of the UK.

The venue

Designed by Foster & Partners, Sage Gateshead is North East England’s flagship conference and events venue, combining state-of-the-art design and a fantastic location with outstanding facilities and levels of service.  Located on the south bank of the River Tyne, it is at the heart of the public and private sector development of Gateshead Quays. The building’s spectacular open spaces and glazed front offer sweeping views across the river towards Newcastle and one of Northern Europe’s most dramatic cityscapes. Sage Gateshead has world-class acoustics and technical facilities in all of its conference and performance spaces.

A note on continuing professional development (CPD): While FPH does not formally accredit the FPH Annual Conference for CPD, participants are advised to reflect on the learning gained from attending and write a reflective note for any areas of learning they have benefited from. FPH CPD policy advises participants to claim up to a maximum of five credits for a whole day and up to three credits for a half day of development activity.  A maximum of five credits can be claimed in any one reflective note.

Sage, Gateshead

Sage NewcastleGateshead © Mark Savage

Venue for the FPH Annual Conference 2015 (photograph © Mark Savage)

Conference prospectus

Read the prospectus.

FPH conference 2014

"A real sense of an explored magic" - Dame Tessa Jowell

"This opportunity was invaluable" - Professor Hikmet Jamil, Wayne State University, USA

"It was great to have the opportunity to highlight the value of nursing to public health" - Helen Donovan, Public Health Nursing Adviser, Royal College of Nursing

"It rocked" - Gary Black­­­, Public Information Specialist, North Carolina, USA

Other comments:

"I found the conference very relevant in supporting me in my daily working role"

"The conference more than met my expectations"

"I have enjoyed the conference - marks for providing some positive strokes for a council based PH practitioner feeling under siege. Lots of food for thought but also practical solutions for everyday problems and issues that are making me scratch my head"

"The public health film was outstanding. A bold choice of an important topic, good discussion"

"This really broadened my thinking about how to disseminate PH messages / understand the people we want to reach"

"Overall the conference was good value for money"

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