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FPH Conference 2017 - Presentations

You can find the presentations of the speakers at the FPH conference 2017 here:


Day one

Beckbury 1-2 Day one

Strengthening Public Health Capacities and Services in the European Region - Anna Cichowska

Developing the Coalition of Partners - Alison McCallum

Five Year Forward View for Mental and the Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health - Marguerite Regan

Day two

Beckbury 1-2 Day two

Ethical Foundations for Public Health – Implications for policy, and practice - Farhang Tahzib

Ethics, Law, and Public Health: Inextricably Intertwined - John Coggon

Workforce Strategy

Addressing health inequalities by reframing concepts of eligibility with reference to housing policy - Caroline Vass

Beckbury 3-4

Day one

Using NICE resources to tackle High Blood Pressure across Cheshire and Merseyside - Mel Roche

NICE support for STPs: CVD Prevention - Chris Connell

Wenlock 1-2

Day one

Wenlock 1-2 Day one

Age Friendly Cities: Pilot-testing an evidence-based evaluation tool in Sheffield - Mel Roche

Assessing Age-Friendly Cities: Tools and Engagement Part I - Stefanie Buckner

Filling the evidence gaps in local government - Helen Walters & Tara Lamont

Ageing well: Prevention and equity in later life. Where do we stand? - Louise Lafortune

Ageing with ideal cardiovascular risk factors - Joao Correa Delgado

Age inequity and Smoking Cessation - Hannah Jordan

Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of interventions with an impact on ageing - Penny Breeze

Day two

Wenlock 1-2 Day two

Improving the mental health of young LGB&T people: Using Public Health leadership to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in schools - Orsolina Martino

Diversity & inclusion in public health practice - Justin Varney

Creating Compassionate Workplaces - Tony Vickers-Byrne

Wenlock 3-4

Day one

Wenlock 3-4 Day one

Public Health After ISIS - Daniel Flecknoe

Road Danger Reduction: Establishing a new transport injury prevention network as part of the FPH Transport SIG - Elizabeth Orton & David Davies

Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care and Introduction to the ‘Four Nations’ Project - Claire Beynon

Tackling Tuberculosis : The contribution of a public health registrar in different settings within the West Midlands - Helen Green

Setting up a Rapid Reporting System for suicide prevention: Registrar experience and reflections - Alexandra Smith

Outcomes Based Commissioning - Suzanne Tang

Day two

Wenlock 3-4 Day two

Food marketing to children - Jenny Mindell

What Wales is doing today the world will do tomorrow - Angela Jones

Implementing the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act - Cathy Weatherup

Ironbridge 1-2

Day one

Ironbridge 1-2 Day one

Public health beyond borders: driving change with evidence - FPH President John Middleton

Baby Buddy – taking a collaborative, innovative & evidence-based approach to improving child health outcomes - Alison Baum

Baby Buddy phone app

Public health cadre development, using competency based approach in the State Health system, Odisha, India - Sushma Acquilla & the Odisha Team

The changing face of public health: The Sandwell Experience - Jyoti Atri

Planetary Health: How can public health save the planet - Navigating the intersections of science, politics and practice - David McCoy

The legal fight for public health: the right to breathe clean air - Andrea Lee

Stress Control in schools - Early intervention and prevention for 15 year olds - Jim White & Pauline Logan

Laughter Time

Co-producing change: community involvement in research and action to address low birth-weight in an East London borough - Susanna Rance

Translating evidence on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) into practice: an example of using an ACE lens for policy development in South Wales - Kat Ford


Improving the health of the public by 2040 - Anne Johnson

Should public health also seek to improve planetary health and if so how? - Mike Rayner

The Role of Evidence in Public Health Reform - Frank Atherton

How Health Impact Assessment (HIA) equips the public health workforce to collaborate in addressing health inequalities - Lee Parry-Williams

Developing Healthy Economic Policies: Experiences of Public Health Leaders in NW England - Darryl Quantz

Annual General Meeting

Day two

Ironbridge 1-2 Day two

Disaster risk reduction – the role for Public Health - Virginia Murray

FPH role in Public Health Training for Health System Strengthening and capacity building in Global context: Odisha Project Achievements and Way Forward - Sushma Acquilla & the Odisha Team

The Value of Vaccines: a personalised global view - Chris Bentley

Teen Health Guide and it’s role as a sex education resource for teenagers in the UK - Victorial Evans

Dementia Friendly Communities - Liz Fisher

An online sexual health testing service developed with registrars - Joia de Sa


Global Public Health Futurology: Food for thought in uncertain times - Justin Varney

From misconceptions to delayed conceptions: Institutionalisation of Immediate Post-Partum IUD (PPIUD) Services as a routine part of antenatal counselling and delivery room services - Laura Banks

How Public Health Leadership will Influence Health and Social Care Devolution - Sarah Price

Evaluating Dementia Friendly Communities (DFCs) in England: Insights from Phase 1 mapping of DFCs with an online presence - Marina Buswell   


8S: Promoting Mental Health and Well Being with Colleges and Universities in Lothian - a public health approach with transient populations - Rachel King

Public Health Leadership in Local Communities - Rebecca Nunn

Ironbridge 3

Day one

Ironbridge 3 Day one

Healthcare Regulation: How well does it protect the public? Reflections from two high profile cases - Stephen Bridgman

Should we use a regulation to implement the Healthy Prisons Agenda in England? - Nasrul Ismail & Nick de Viggiani

Assessing and valuing the impacts of busy roads on local people - Jennifer Mindell

Tackling shisha smoking – the role of politicians, public health and local residents in designing a health promotion campaign to influence behaviour change in Barnet - Chimeme Egbutah

Global Citizenship and the Charter for International Health Partnerships: A ‘globally responsible’ Wales - Elodie Besnier

Tobacco Control: How local authorities can make best use of diminishing resources - Ailsa Rutter

Looking beyond the ‘meaty motorists’: Using travel and dietary behaviours to identify and describe healthy, low-carbon lifestyles in the UK - Michaela A. Smith

Using the legislation in the Health & Social Care Act 2012 and PHE toolkit to improve oral health - John Beal

The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of alcohol control policies - Robyn Burton

Fracking - Patrick Saunders

Day two

Environmental Public Health Tracking: a cost-effective system for characterising the sources, distribution and impacts of environmental hazards - Patrick Saunders

Inclusion: Public health interventions in substance misuse - Danny Hames & Grace Whatehouse

Transformational Partnership for Primary Health Care (TraPP) Model – Kola Daisi Foundation Community Primary Health Centre (KDFC): A 5-year Experience - J.O. Akinola

Hepatitis A Outbreak Management - Dawn Bailey & Mike Gent

Investing to save through Local Area Coordination – As easy as ABCD? - Anne Forshaw & Elizabeth Orton

Capacity building of youth as protagonists for better society - Farhang Tahzib


Day one

Coalport Day one

Day two

Coalport Day two


Day one

Atcham Day one

Compassionate communities and men in sheds in Shropshire - Paul Cronin & Tony Wilson

21st century Public Health: improving health and wellbeing and saving money by turning ideas into practice that also support Sustainable Development - Helen Ross

UK Sustainable Development Registrar Network - Darryl Quantz

Understanding how commissioners and service providers can influence immunisation uptake in Travelling and Gypsy families - a qualitative study - Julie Mytton

Developing a sustainable health and care system: the role of NICE - Gemma Partridge

Day two

Atcham Day two

Reflective Notes Made Easy - Naveed Syed & Andrew Terrell


Women In Health

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