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FPH leader welcomes Scottish MUP court victory

Simon Capewell, Vice President of the Faculty of Public Health (FPH), said: "We applaud the leadership shown by the Scottish Government in pressing on with its minimum unit pricing (MUP) policy. This welcome court decision will powerfully protect people's health.

"We urge the UK Government to seize the opportunity provided by this decision and finally end years of prevarication by following the Scottish Government's lead.

"It simply cannot be right that a bottle of strong cider costs less than a bottle of water. The poor and wider society pick up the tab of the cynical pricing policies of multinationals in the alcohol and retailing industries.

"MUP would not affect the cost of a night out in the pub but by targeting the drinks purchased by children, poor people and dependent drinkers it would ultimately save thousands of lives and help prevent thousands of violent crimes. It would also reduce the strain on our over-burdened NHS – every minute of every day in England alone two people are admitted to hospital with an alcohol-related condition."

Written: 21/10/2016 , last modified: 27/10/2016