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FPH rejects alcohol pledges

The UK Faculty of Public Health (FPH) has announced that it is "profoundly disappointed" with the alcohol pledges in the responsibility deal but continues to support the overarching commitments of the agreement between the Government and the food and drink industries.

FPH said that the responsibility deal was much broader than alcohol, and some of the other pledges under the responsibility deal – particularly those on food and occupational health –  had the potential to bring about real change.

For the moment, FPH intends to remain engaged with the process and will continue its efforts to bring evidence to the heart of the debate, challenging industry to take a more responsible attitude to protecting and improving health. FPH said it would be keeping its involvement under frequent and active review.

The FPH President, Prof Lindsey Davies, said: "We are of course profoundly disappointed that the alcohol pledges do not go further. Many of our members have already raised their concerns with us. We do not see any evidence that industry has moved as far or as fast as it could to address the huge and increasing burden of alcohol-related harm.

"There is little that is new, challenging or evidence-based. FPH will be encouraging further debate in the alcohol area, with a focus on what has been proven to work, and we will continue to press the Government to include minimum unit pricing for alcohol in the forthcoming alcohol strategy."

Written: 15/03/2011 , last modified: 09/11/2011