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FPH responds to consultations on plain packs for cigarettes and public health funding

The Faculty of Public Health supports plain packs for tobacco. Smoking is the biggest cause of premature death and disease and health inequalities in the UK. Two-thirds of current smokers started before the age of 18, and each year 200,000 children and young people in England start. It is therefore essential to reduce the number of people that take up smoking at an early age. You can download our full response to the consultation on plain packs here.

We have also responded to the Department of Health’s engagement process on ‘Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Update on Public Health Funding’.  FPH agrees with some of the components of the proposed formula, but is extremely concerned by the way in which the formula redistributes shares of funding from areas whose residents have the worst health to areas where residents have better health.

Written: 15/08/2012 , last modified: 07/11/2012