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FPH responds to Health Select Committee report on alcohol

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) has welcomed the all-party Commons Health Select Committee's verdict on the government's Alcohol Strategy report, but says it is disappointing that it does not support a ban on multibuy offers.

Commenting on the launch of the report, FPH said: "There is much to welcome in this report on alcohol; we agree that for minimum pricing on alcohol to work, a strong evidence-base and proper evaluation is vital. We also agree that Public Health England will need to take the lead on implementing the alcohol strategy. However, we are disappointed that the committee did not find sufficient evidence to ban multibuy offers.

"Too many people think binge drinking is our biggest health problem with alcohol and are unaware of how it can cause health problems such as diabetes and cancer. In fact, the majority of alcohol-related hospital admissions are for long-term problems, so it is not just the one-off binge-drinking sessions that we need to address.

"That's why we need factual, written health warnings on alcohol to educate people. The evidence is that such a move would not, in itself, change our drinking habits. It would make it easier for people to understand why we need minimum-pricing per unit of alcohol which would deliver some of the health benefits we urgently need."


About the Faculty of Public Health:

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Written: 19/07/2012 , last modified: 07/11/2012