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FPH response to Francis enquiry

Commenting on the publication of Robert Francis QC's final report of the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry, Professor Lindsey Davies, President of the Faculty of Public Health, said:

“The treatment that patients and their families and carers received at Mid Staffordshire Trust was shocking and is unacceptable in a modern NHS. It fell far short of the high standards that can be found elsewhere in the NHS, and which everyone has as a right to receive.

“Patients and carers must have their voices heard, their needs understood and their concerns acted upon by those entrusted with their care and wellbeing. The Francis report is a stark reminder that all healthcare professionals, including our members, must work together and take responsibility for ensuring that high quality, safe patient care is at the very heart of all health services.

“As public health professionals, we play our part in doing this through assessing communities’ health needs, protecting the public from infectious diseases and hazards, helping people lead healthy lives and planning and developing effective services.

“We will read the report and its recommendations very carefully and urge all our members to do the same.

“Above all, health professionals must provide the highest standards of care and have the confidence to speak out if they are concerned that patient care is being compromised.

“At FPH, we do all we can to support members who have concerns about how health services are being run in their area. We also help public health professionals to continue to learn and update their knowledge and skills throughout their careers.

”Patient safety is of paramount importance. That is why we want to see the introduction of statutory regulation of all public health professionals as soon as possible so that the public can have confidence in the people making decisions about their health.”

Written: 06/02/2013 , last modified: 03/05/2013