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FPH welcomes new restrictions on cigarette advertising

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) is delighted that new legislation that came into force on April 6 means that cigarettes and tobacco products must now be hidden from public view.

FPH was one of a hundred national, regional and local organisations and medical and scientific experts that signed a full-page advertisement appearing in The Observer in 2009, which urged members of the House of Lords to vote to end tobacco displays in shops and ban sales of tobacco from vending machines.

John Middleton, FPH's Vice President for Policy, said: "This change will save lives because smoking is a childhood addiction, and measures like this make it easier for children not to start smoking in the first place. We are delighted that several years after we joined calls for this new legislation, it is now a reality. This new law also helps demonstate why public health decisions that might not be popular with the public at first can become an accepted part of daily life."

Written: 10/04/2012 , last modified: 07/11/2012