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FPH welcomes SACN report on sugar

FPH today responded to the publication of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition's (SACN) final report on Carbohydrates and Health, which is published today.

The report recommends that people consume no more than 5% of their daily calorie intake from sugar - half as much as the previous recommendation of 10%.

Commenting on the report's findings, Professor Simon Capewell, Vice-President for Policy at FPH, said:
"FPH strongly supports the SACN report’s recommendations to halve the amount of sugar in our diets. This report could be a major step towards reducing obesity, which is of the utmost importance for our children’s future. FPH awaits with interest the PHE response to this report, which we hope will help turn SACN’s recommendations into actions.
"FPH urges the Prime Minister to support these recommendations as part of his government’s commitment to tackling the obesity crisis in our children and young people. People need to know how much sugar they are eating before they can reduce their intake of it. That can be difficult to calculate, given how much hidden sugar there is in our diet.

"That’s why FPH believes we need reformulation of foods by the food industry, controls on marketing of junk foods to children, a tax on sugary drinks, and investment in walking and cycling. We look forward to the publication of the new obesity strategy, which we hope will include recommendations on how to introduce measures that will reduce the sugar in everyone's diet.
"We need to think of diet as a child protection issue, given the long-term consequences to our children’s health of obesity. This report is an opportunity for the UK to show bold political leadership for the health of future generations. We urge the Prime Minister to be that leader. Our children have waited long enough."

Written: 17/07/2015 , last modified: 17/09/2015