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FPH welcomes whooping cough vaccinations for pregnant women

The Faculty of Public Health welcomes the Department of Health’s decision to offer pregnant women the whooping cough vaccine.

Professor Lindsey Davies, President of the Faculty of Public Health, said:

“Whooping cough is a distressing and exhausting illness which can be fatal, especially in the very young.  Whooping cough rates  are rising - the number of cases reported in young children has more than doubled in the last year and nine babies have died form it already in 2012 - so this announcement is very timely.

"Newborn babies cannot be given the vaccine and so immunising the mother allows her antibodies to protect her baby until it is old enough to be immunised. The vaccine is safe for mothers and does not harm the baby in the womb.   

“This is a really welcome initiative from the Department of Health which pregnant woman should take advantage of  straightaway to protect themselves and their babies.”


Written: 01/10/2012 , last modified: 08/01/2013