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Functions of the local public health system

FPH has developed a document setting out the local public health function in England. It was originally drafted by a working group led by Maggie Rae, FPH Local Board Member and Corporate Director of Public Health and Public Protection for Wiltshire Council, with help from Ruth Woolley, Frances Chinemana and many other FPH Fellows. It has subsequently been reviewed by a working group comprising representatives from the different domains of public health practice and from Public Health England.

These functions are written with the public health system in England in mind. However, we believe they are relevant to public health practice in other jurisdictions, and we recognise further development will be required to ensure local compatibility in this regard.

Public health requires effective action by many different organisations and players. The balance of responsibility will vary from place to place, but the essential functions which must be assured in every locality remain constant. It is these functions which we have set out in this document.

Download the functions document.

This document replaces the draft minimum standards for PH teams published by FPH in November 2013. If you have any comments please email

Written: 03/06/2014 , last modified: 26/09/2014