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General Election 2017 - ‘Fit for our children’s future’

‘Fit for our children’s future’ – Embedding Health in All Policies

The next Government has an opportunity to think more about our long term health, embed health in all policies, and work with people and communities to focus on preventing ill health and ease pressure on our NHS.

I am pleased to share with you a briefing which I have sent to all Parliamentarians, Special Advisors and Parliamentary Aides, setting out FPH’s recommendations for the election. We look forward to working with parliamentarians from across the political spectrum to ensure that health is the central focus of party manifestos.

The next Government can secure our future generation’s wellbeing by building a health-creating society, supported by all sectors of the economy and the wider population.

As our campaigning progresses, I look forward to keeping you updated on our progress. Early next week, I will also share with you a briefing we plan to send to parliamentarians on child health.

Professor John Middleton


Faculty of Public Health


Written: 26/04/2017 , last modified: 26/04/2017


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