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Good practice

Good Public Health Practice

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) is now launching a revised version of Good Public Health Practice. This builds on the previous FPH publication “Good Public Health Practice - General Professional Expectations of Public Health Professions” (2008) and its application. It has been reviewed and updated as necessary in line with developments in professional practice and other relevant guidance.

The guidance provides the basis for good professional practice in public health. It applies to all members of the core public health workforce, including public health practitioners and specialists and those training to become practitioners and specialists. 

The guidance is designed to:

  • Assist the public, public health professionals, colleagues and employers to better understand what good practice in public health should look like
  • Guide public health professionals when planning their Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Act as a source document for public health professionals in preparing for appraisals and revalidation
  • Inform the framework within which public health professionals will be appraised and recommended for revalidation
  • Be a reference source whenever a person’s registration or professional practice is called into question.

The 2016 version of Good Public Health Practice can be downloaded from the Faculty of Public Health website.

Good Public Health Practice - Short Guide

The Faculty of Public Health has also developed a Good Public Health Practice Framework – Short Guide 2016. It is intended as for use as a quick reference document and should be read in conjunction with the full guidance (Good Public Health Practice Framework 2016) 

Written: 08/02/2010 , last modified: 18/04/2016

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